Is this PC worth the price i've just bought it for?

Hello all

First post here and not much of a techy so go easy on me. OK just wondering if the PC i've just bought off ebay is worth the price.

It's a INTEL QUAD CORE Q6600 - 500GB SATA - 4 GB DDR2 - GFX, which I bought for £277 inc postage.

I'm also planning to buy a GeForce 8800gt for it and was wondering if the spec was good enough. As I said i'm no techy but i'm learning all the time and you have to start somewhere :)

I'll put up a link to a similar one and would be grateful if you could have a look at the spec and components and give me your honest opinions.


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  1. You've probably done your research on the specs before you bought but let me just break it down:

    Processor ~ 225 USD
    Motherboard ~ 50 USD
    Memory ~ 80 USD
    HDD ~ 90 USD
    DVD Burner ~ 30 USD
    PSU ~ 60 USD
    Case ~ 80 USD

    Total ~ 615 USD **

    ** I was very generous on these prices and you can easily find better prices online, I just did a quick check on a canadian site (therefore more expensive), and chose the first things I saw.

    I bought from a seller like this I found on ebay, I ended up going on their site to configure my PC as I wanted it. I don't want to scare you as some sellers are trustworthy, but the company I bought from changed all of the parts to less expensive/performant ones. It would have cost around 100$ to ship the stuff back and get the proper hardware, so I never did. Oh, and the warranty I had? Total BS!

    All and all, I would say that you did get a decent price, assuming that you don't have to build it yourself and that you've got warranty(cross your fingers mate) with the company.

    **** I don't want to scare you with all my comments, I probably just had a bad experience, just slap a good gfx card on there and you'll be set. I also noticed that the PC didn't have an OS, another thing that you'll have to buy.

    Good luck with your new PC, and don't lose some sleep about the deal you got, you paid for what you got; and you didn't have to build it yourself.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    Yeah i just got a GeForce GT 8800 Alpha Dog but haven't put the baby in yet cause i don't know how and i think i may need a better mobo.

    Oh and I wont lose any sleep over it as it has 1 year warrenty.

    Cheers bud!
  3. The motherboard isn't great, but it should still run the 8800GT. I would have been more worried about the Power Supply if you'd gotten something better than the 8800GT (I don't think I saw it in the desc.)

    As for installing the card, just take off the little metal seal matching the PCI-E slot, insert the card, attach it to the case where the metal seal was, plug in power (6pin), and turn your baby on.

    Just apply correct drivers and everything should work. You may need to modify a few things since you already have onboard video, but other than that, it's pretty simple.

    Best of Luck,
  4. i guess that price isn't horrible for a quad + 4gb ram... video card would have been nice and i didn't notice if it had an operating system?

    also, really don't like how some ebay sellers list as 9.6ghz in order to try to dupe people into thinking thats how fast the processor is. maybe in another 5 years each core will run @ 9.6ghz but until then... the cpu is only going at 2.4 stock even if it has 4 cores.

    This is similar to the surprisng amount of people that list 2-3 generation old dells as "lightning fast" and they end up selling them for alot higher then anybody else because people see lightening fast and they thing thats the case.... a 2.4ghz celeron in an 8 year old machine is not lightning fast !
  5. That's the problem when you sell a computer, you can sell nearly anything to someone that has no idea what they're looking at, or that has told the seller a big budget for word processing.

    A few months ago, I was searching ebay to know how much an old machine I have is worth. I found an HP machine that ended up selling for about 1350$. You still haven't heard the specs. Believe it or not, it had an Intel Celeron 1.4ghz processor with a HUGE 256mb of memory, as well as a HUGE 60GB hard drive; you get the picture. However, that hardware was in a beautiful case, and was sold with a 20" Widescreen LCD, a beautiful Canon printer, a 2.0 speaker set, nice wireless mouse and keyboard, etc.

    I seriously don't understand how such a product could have been sold at such a high price. The seller did do a hell of job advertising and selling his product on the auction page. That's a real talent, but not something honest to exploit.
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