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I have an Asus P4P800-E Deluxe mainboard (Socket 478).
This mainboard has 2 SATA controllers (so I can connect 2 sata disks to it) It also has a SATA-Raid controller onboard. I also could connect 2 other SATA-driver to that controller in a raid configuration. My question is... is it possible to use the RAID controller as a normal SATA controller? So I can connect up to 4 SATA disks in total? (which run seperately) Becoz I have 3 SATA disks and I want them to work seperately from eachother...

Anyone know if this is possible? And if it is possible, can someone tell me how I have to do this? I've looked in the user manual from my Asus mainboard... but I couldn't find it there...

I hope someone can help me.

Greetz, Wishjuh
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  1. Someone already answered my question. So no answers needed anymore.
  2. Hy

    I want to do the same as you, pleas tell me which is the solution.

    Thank you
  3. Quote:

    I want to do the same as you, pleas tell me which is the solution.

    Thank you

    Well... I just changed my bios-setting.. First I enabled the RAID option.... then I changed the mode to use RAID as IDE controller....
    After that I downloaded the right driver to install the RAID controller in windows... this was tricky.. becoz there are 2 drivers... 1 for normal RAID and one for IDE-mode RAID.. just read the info @ the asus site to download the right driver.....

    After that My hdd was detected in the RAID bios before windows started... and it works fine!

    Good luck with it...
  4. Here's a tip I picked up from first hand experience:

    Don't use the RAID controler's SATA ports for system drives or any other drives you need to get at before Windows starts.
    Remeber you had to install those drivers for Windows.
    That means before Windows really starts (like when INSTALLING Windows... or any OS for that matter) you don't have access to those drives.
    That means when you're installing your OS you've got to have drivers for the RAID controler on some drive that's just inherently known about, like a floppy and you've got to know where in the OS install process to point the install to those drivers.
    I know during a Win2k install there's a point early on in the install where the status bar of the blue screen looking installer has on it for like 5 seconds "press F9 to load driver for 3rd party devices drivers" or something like that. That's really easy to miss even if you're looking for it and if you do, it takes like 20 min before you figure out that you can't see your drives.

    Also, I know 2 friends that used 3rd party IDE controlers and had data corruption problems due to the controlers.; one friend was using a PCI card and the other was using a chip on the mobo.
    The controlers on the real mobo chipset just get a LOT of testing.
    Others get less.
    I guess.
    Maybe just coincidence.
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