Second Take: Would EA/Take-Two Be Bad For Gamers

Ben and Rob discuss the potential ramifications of a successful EA bid for Take-Two Interactive.

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We want to know what you think of the deal. Will EA get Take-Two in the end? How does this affect what games will be released? Does it matter to you?

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  1. Ask the people (1000's of them) that used to play Airwarrior 3d online everynight if it is a good idea .. EA bought that game from Kesmai and shut it down within 2 months of acquisition .. Bastards
  2. If EA acquires Take-Two and then cans Mafia II, or only releases it for the consoles, I will have a fit.

    Man, I remember when EA was just this humble little company with great games like Archon and Bard's Tale. I would have never dreamed that they would become the corpo-juggernaut that they are today. Just imagine if they could replace the current board and execs with the geeks that were in charge back in the early 80s - I'd feel much better about the Take-two takeover for starters.
  3. See, I told Ben that PC gamers had a long memory. They're like the Mafia (no pun intended, Chazwuzzer:)) -- they never forget!
  4. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, Chazwuzzer. Don't forget Mail Order Monsters. They had a lot of great games back then. The video pretty much touched on everything. It will be bad for gamers and good for the companies. They'll make lots of money and try to spin it as how great it will be for gamers, and then they'll kill excellent franchises like Civilization or NBA 2K.

    EA is like a giant parasite. They latch themselves onto a successful studio, drain away all creativity until it's just a bland, unoriginal husk of a game. The thing that I really hate about them is that they try to spin their ridiculous methods as being great for gamers, like in game ads or paying for extra content to have an edge in online games. Even their games that are fun and innovative (like Battlefield 2) are ruined by bugs, poor design decisions, etc. They're more interested in making a half-assed sequel a year later than improving and supporting the game they have.

    I've never seen a game company that's so universally despised. You don't get that sort of reputation without earning it. Mergers and acquisitions are pretty much just never good for gamers. And EA is only shooting for Take-Two because they have penis envy and are feeling inadequate now that they're not the biggest game company anymore.

    Anyone who is looking forward to EA and Take-Two merging is either really young and/or the same type of person who buys every Madden or Need for Speed that they crap out each year. I mean, Madden is filled with cheesy emo music... enough said.
  5. I'll never forgive the bastards for what they did to Ultima 8 and Ultima 9. And where's my Syndicate sequel? Not to mention Dungeon Keeper! Such great series of games, all cancelled and/or ruined.
  6. Maxor 127 - Mail Order Monsters - holy moly - nostalgia overload.

    And Devon - yeah, the treatment of the Bullfrog material was an unforgiveable sin. And as a person who ranks UltimaIV as one of the greatest titles of all time, I cannot sufficiently describe my disgust with the craptastic release of UltimaIX.

    Its like when Lorraine Williams took over TSR - take a great company run by hobbyists and turn over control to someone that disdains gaming. What happens? Product turns to crap.
  7. I am not old enough nor was I into games enough back then to know first hand what EA can do, but I think I inherited that hate gene when I did become a gamer :D

    There has already been a statement about a sequel to Bioshock, and I don't even want to think about how EA would completely botch that one up.

    I don't see how any good can come out of this merger if/when it goes down. I hope we can at least sleep at night knowing that Valve would never allow a takeover by EA, right? Right?!

    God save us all if that happens...
  8. I enjoyed the video discussion very much. It raised some interesting points. The best pro merger point I heard made was in regards to the smaller development houses under the Take 2 banner no longer having to hold up development for the GTA cash cow. The problem I see with this, is it assumes that EA will allow these projects to begin with. I would hope they do, but I fear the worst.

    I don't care for businesses that operate with the bottom line in mind first. I understand that the purpose of any business is to prosper and this brings with it financial reward. To my way of thinking however, if you produce a high quality, original product, the profits will come.

    EA and companies like EA, seem content to milk a title until almost no one even remembers why the franchise was popular to begin with. They seem to operate with the profit in mind before considering the product. It's almost like development time is viewed as a distasteful obstacle standing between EA shareholders and the mountain of cash to which they are entitled.

    You guys asked if this is good or bad for gaming. I say it's bad. The volume of craptastic game clones that companies like EA release serves to crowd out the work of smaller studios IMO. In a market where shelf space in retail outlets is shrinking for the PC game, every one of those stinkers is stealing shelf space that could be inhabited by a better, (hopefully) more original game.

    I agree, mergers are inevitable. That doesn't mean I have to like it.
  9. ... and with the present tech... imagine what a hit Bullfrog's Dungeon Keeper would be... that game rocks... it is fun to play online... a RTS with FPS elements... and there is a old game like Hi-Octane... a remake of that would be a killer... or maybe i im too old...
  10. Ah yes, HiOctane - now THAT was a racing game! Bullfrog had so much excellent IP, and EA wasted every little bit of it.
  11. I'm acctually getting frustrated with EA. I'm a big NHL and NFL fan, I like the Madden and NHL series of games. Though This years NHL 08 is terrible. I also find that EA has a hard time coming up with new content. Just look at the battlefield series, is there really any difference between Battlefield 2 and 2142? NO. I'd hate to see take two go down to EA, EA could never match a title like Bioshock. I won't be buying anything EA for a long time, lol.
  12. I can't seem to get THG videos working, either under IE or FF.. this only started recently, and I haven't made any changes that I know of.
  13. i hate bf 2142 it no longer seems realistic and feels more like a cheap halo knockoff with unfair weapons and a unrealistic pace

    BF2 was the best one they made
  14. Yeah, BF2142 was pretty bad. Lots of good ideas in that game but horrible execution. I've seen better free mods. I never liked their sports games. I've always gravitated towards the 2K games. If EA made good sports games, I'd have no problem playing them. I tried a Madden game last year but it was just horrible. The worst part was the music. It's like Madden for 14 year old girls. If they're going to have crappy music, they should at least have crappy music that fits the style of the game.
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