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A few comments about the site

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April 4, 2008 5:29:45 PM

One is why do you shift so much to white? Could we have something a bit more pleasing on the eyes? Some kind of color backgrounds does make it easier to read.

Can the Guides actually be updated to within the last 2 months or so. I dont need a guide of what to buy for Christmas in 2007. I think I would like to know what to buy for at least easter and preferably for labor day.

If you are going to put up any news about OSX or Macs could it be relatively timely. You still have problems with Leopard from November could I at least find out what has been fixed since the last update 10.5.2 or with the screen situation. I also don't remember the SDK for the iPhone once being mentioned in the news, but we have the vaporware for android by google.

I rely on Tom's hardware to give me unbiased numbers and facts about hardware. If it does put up tech news could it be at least broad and unbiased enough that I don't feel it is the New York Times. I would like to make Tom's hardware the one stop website for my tech day.

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April 4, 2008 11:36:25 PM

One: Forwarded to the visual designer.

Two: We'd always rather take more time to get a guide right, and well researched, than to launch a bad one. Some parts change more frequently, like video cards, and those get more frequent updates. What guides are you most interested in?

Four: We're looking at beefing up news. Don't know if we're going to be a "one stop website", but the goal is to do the things we do very well.