P5W DH Can't adjust FSB

I have the Asus P5W DH, with a E6600, using 4gigs of PC2-5300 (667Mhz). I have followed wusy instructions on how to overclock with no success. The MAIN hurdle I am experiencing is that I am not allowed to move the FSB at all, I can change voltages, timings, but not the FSB. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the latest bios installed. Thanks
Asus P5w DH MB
4 gigs of Nanya PC2-5300
ATI 1900XT
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  1. Did you change the settings to manual to even allow you to change the FSB instead of Asus's own program... Thats probably what it sounds like... shouldn't be a reason you can't change it...
  2. I have definitely moved it from Auto to Manual, and all I see is the 266 option, then when I click that, I can't see any of the other timing to choose from., nothing happens.
  3. You have to hit numlock, and manually punch it in with the number keys.
  4. Take it from a guy who has the board... go Fishy
  5. Can't you also use the up and down arrow key?

    WOO! SCYTHE NINJA REV B COMES IN TODAY! Let's see if this allows me to break my FSB barrier :twisted:

    Fishboi: I overclock to see how far I can go, just so you know. If you read my post yesterday on one of your threads you made, you'll know what I'm talking about. I'll overclock once my CPU starts to bottleneck me (hopefully, not for a year or two :? )
  6. yo are you running croosfire on your P5W DH? i am about to get one and i need to eith choose from this mobo or the abit AW9D- Max........

    i am stumped and i want to run crossfire....i want to know if croos fire is good on this board or not and if i would have to download any drivers to allow me to run it?


    also wat power supply should i get if i am going to try to run crossfire on my system .......

    does it matter like it does with sli or can i get like a 600 watt?
  7. Bump

    Thread hijack

    *sighs* Pertaining the previos post only and not the thread. I have no clue if crossfire is good on this motherboard due to that I think it's a waste of money since I don't game at extreme resolutions. Sorry. Next time, post a new thread in the correct field and ask there.

    Back to topic. Did the creator of the post ever figure out how to adjust the FSB?
  8. No, soory for the delay. I was not able to adjust the FSB with the up/down, or manulaly using the numpad...what gives
  9. Er, I'll see if I can list the directions when I get home for how to change the FSB on the P5W DH Deluxe.

    Did you try Wusy's Overclocking Guide? :?
  10. Try asking Asus support, they can probably help you more than we can...
  11. Sup guys :? . Im new so..u know the deal. Im running p5wdh Mb with ati 1950s in crossfire. The board works great. But i need some help...I been reading that most cant run 1066 ram at its rated speed on this mb. Does anybody have any ideas why? Highest i can get is 930 at ram timings. im using a pair of 1024 corsair xms dimms 1066 timings is what they should run at thanx... :?
  12. I think PM Wusy. He knows his stuff.
  13. DON'T PM WUSY!

    He does not like PMs! This I know! :oops:
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHA. So you know a little more about everyone else and it goes right to your head. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Personally, I think the guy knows a lot and is a valuable resource for information. THG welcomes him.
  15. Huh???

    *scratches head*

    I'm just trying to help a Master Historian of THGC! :P

    The man is busy! Last thing he needs are PMs! :P
  16. He's really smart. I want to get into game programming. Who can I ask here who knows what they're doing?
  17. Eurasianman, my question about RMA'ing my chip. Did you see it?
  18. Thanx for helping so fast guys. Link says that i need to set ram to 1.1 ratio? thats gonna limit what i can overclock myn cpu to is it not? im running a core2 extreme x6800 cpu.
  19. It will limit your OC'ing a bit, but that all depends on your FSB. You can always just change the multiplier to make your 1:1 ratio.
  20. Find your max mem speed (with highest and safest voltages), work backwards and figure out what your FSB should be then (divide by two). See then if you can get the multiplier to equate the FSB (X6, X7, X8, X9) to its highest possible clock speed. This is one way, but you need alot of luck. Hopefull it posts at one of those thresholds.
  21. BTW - have you checked the settings. Mabe your FSB is locked because you havent changed some of those safety/default setttings. Really not sure, but check Wusy's guide.

    If your FSB is locked, it will limit your OC'ing. 333*9 = 3Ghz. You cant upclock the multiplier on the p5w dh.
  22. changed all the stts...still not stable at 1066. Think the cpu cant run 3500? i can change the multiplier but i think that will just defeat the purpose. Seems the ram is faster at 930mhz then 1066mhz i change ratio from 11 to 10 i will drop 300mhz on cpu. what u guys think?
  23. Yea, I got it. Sorry about your CPU. :(
  24. Well its not the cpu .runing at stock 2.93 with ram at 1066.not stable.I think its an asus issue. prolly chipset is puking or something :(
  25. run your RAM at 800
  26. Yah...good idea. Running at 975 stable now but should have saved my $ on this corsair 8500c5 crap and got 800mhz ram. thanx for the help guys
  27. Heh, think of it as this... you're future proof now :P sorta :?
  28. In order to adjust FSB you have to TYPE IN the numbers... in the FSB field, hit enter, then type in the desired value. Cursor keys can't be used
  29. You have to use the + and - keys on the number pad you can go up to about 3.4 ghz with e6600 with a good fan good luck
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