I currently have an old PC with an old mobo (Asus A7V8X-X)
I also have 2 HD, both EIDE
I need a new HD and here is the dilemma:

Either I buy a (newer) SATA drive with a PCI to SATA adapter but I will have 2 EIDE and 1 SATA HD (I heard it may causes some issues)

Or I buy another EIDE HD so that they are all EIDE but when I upgrade my PC I will have 3 "old" HD

What do you think?
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  1. Unless you want to upgrade the whole system right now, I'd incur the extra cost of a PCI SATA controller.

    I built a major upgrade (Athlon XP 2000+ -> Core 2 E6600) recently and the new motherboard forced all but one of the old hard disks out of the system. A lot of boards only have 1 IDE channel now.
  2. BUT WHY do they still have those SERIAL ports? Enough! I havent used a serial printer, or serial mouse in ages.
  3. Yes and no (hows that for an answer)

    If you come across a really good deal on PATA, say 300G for $70 or less, there is no reason not to.

    PATA will probably be around as long as that drive will live. (the pci ide cards cost $9) or you can always stick it in a usb case later.

    At the same price, go SATA.
  4. That wasnt an answer...

    Kill IDE, Kill Serial ports, stop the use of jumpers, .... REFORM REFORM REFORM.
  5. I also vote for the SATA + PCI Card combo.

    Grab a couple of external enclosures, and you're all set for future upgrades to SATA-only boards.
  6. Quote:
    BUT WHY do they still have those SERIAL ports?

    Because SOME of us use the console to logon when we are in proximity. In fact we might even lockout certain commands on certain routers unless we have proximity.

    Oh yeah, go with SATA. Bigger, newer, faster.
  7. Bigger? No. Faster? No. Newer? yes.

    And I understand why laptops could use serial (most laptops havent had serial for years). But desktops should not have printer ports / serial ports... its a waste of space.

    Then get a PCI ATA 133 card so your other 2 hard drives wont be useless!.

    Easy as that!
  9. Quote:

    Then get a PCI ATA 133 card so your other 2 hard drives wont be useless!.

    Easy as that!

    This is your best, long term, option.
    However, as a stop gap, SATA+PCI controller is not a bad idea...
    It all depends...when/if do you plan on a system upgrade?

    If it's relatively soon, scope out some boards that can handle what you've already got, and future upgrades.

    Edit: What's your current system specs? (CPU, RAM, etc)
  10. He can get the Maxtor Combo which includes 2 sata ports and 1 ATA 133 port on a single card.

    Or wait until anybody on eBay puts up in auction the Maxtor Ultra ATA/133 pci card with 2 IDE ports. I have that one because my motherboard only has 1 IDE port and I have many cdroms and IDE hard drives.

    Or you can think on any other brand but I really dont know any other good than maxtor.
  11. There are a few cases where a serial port is still needed, such as: connecting my TI-89 graphing calculator (there is probably a usb connector available, but why should I have to buy it when I have the serial connection), configuring my Cisco 678 dsl router, practicing assembler programming on my external Motorola board, or connecting a variety of older geek toys. Granted, many average users do not need a serial port; which is why I like Asus' move of removing the serial port from the back panel and providing a header with a serial card slot adapter. This way those that need a COM port get one while at the same time clearing up the back panel for other connections. But it really gets me that newer boards only have one PATA connection, I have 3 PATA hdds and two PATA DVD burners.
  12. I guess.

    And by the way, the title of the thread should be: SATA OR IDE?
    Respect Mr Advertising guy who doesnt know what I mean.
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