3dmark 06 turns off system.. help

I am running a msi 1900xt, am2 4000+.
It is a pretty new build and everything seems to be going ok, but everytime I try and run 3d mark 06 it gets to where it starts to test the cpu and it runs at 0fps and practically stops and finally the whole system will reset... Anyone have any ideas? This is my first time fooling with mild overclocking, and well realistically my first time doing anything other than using how well video games run as the determining factor on system specs...
The same also happens when I am running the ATI Tool to overclock the GPU core clock.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Oh btw Oblivion seems to be playing fine.
CPU runs around 30-40C
GPU at 40-55
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  1. Sounds like the load is too much for the PSU or the MoBo chipset and they're forcing a reboot.

    Probably best to run not overclocked and see what happens. Also unhook anything you don't need for a test run and see if that alleviates the load.

    But heck it would even just be the power is too much on one rail, check you configuration too.
  2. Well this is my powersupply OCZ OCZ600ADJSLI
    and this is my Mboard
    ASUS M2N-E Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 Ultra MCP ATX AMD

    The power supply is one where the rails are actually adjustable on the back side, and no I didnt mess with them but it has three green(hopefully means good) lights. I might have to RMA the board anyway b/c I think one of my usb ports died during the test also lol.
    The only thing I tried overclocking was the GPU, but everything runs fine other than 3dmark and ATI tool(that I know of)
    Anything else that I could maybe use as a diagnostic tool?
    Thanks for your help
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