I installed winxp RC2 this morning and I must say that I am very impressed. I didn't need one single driver for it. It boots far faster than win2k or winME. I plugged my digital camera in and I didn't even need drivers or softare to load the pics onto the computer. I burned a CD without and third party softare. My cable connection seems to work faster with IE6. The design is pretty sleek and the interfaces and very user friendly. And it hasn't crashed on me once. I have been running UT and Starcraft and then work better than they did in win98. Maybe winXP will be worth all the hassle.
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  1. What hassle?

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  2. The hassle of the whole registration thing and how if you change your hardware or reformat your drive you have to call M$ to get another registration number.
  3. Has M$ determined how many times you can reinstall XP OS on the same machine? and just what constitutes a system reconfiguration before you have to call M$ up for another reactivation.

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  4. Once you install it, you have 14 days to register it. The RC2 version is good for 180 days. Once it is registered, you cannot install it again unless you get another registration number from microsoft. So I guess you can really only install it once AFTER it has been registered. I am not quite sure what constitutes a big enough change to have to call them up again. But I would guess that it takes something the motherboard, (which would probably require a re-install of your OS anyway).
    Registration can be done over the internet so there really isn't any calling M$ or anything like that.
    Anyone know the expected price for XP Professional? I have heard around $700, but that may just be rumor. If it is that much......there is no way I will upgrade.
  5. $700??? sure if you buy your stuff from AOL hahaha!

    I doubt the OEM version of XP Pro will be much differant than 2000. You can buy FULL 2000 CD + an XP upgrade coupon for $170 right now go to

    Later Jim

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  6. Well i'm runnning build 2535... except those nice intro from xp that really lures me to the computer, and a few interface enchancement, i don't really see much need to upgrade. tried installing sidewinder software, but keeps telling me the OS is incompatible... checked ms compatibility site, says that sidewinder is perfectly fine... but i can't install. hmmmm...

    a few stuff i don't need as well... remote desktop management... i can make do with VNC for more options i guess. And problem is I don't seem to be able to log onto the domain after installing WinXP... keeps giving me access denied. Also after installing Logitech Mouseware 9.29b there's no option to program the middle and forth button. I'm stuck with 3 buttons with scroll. Lots of issues I think... I'll wait for the RTM then.

    This site is cool.
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