What type of Power supply (ATX,etc) for a Gateway?


I have a Gateway GT5026E, 2.8G DDR, but it came with a 300W power supply, and I didn't find out (except for this site) that I should have checked it prior to installing a GeForce 6600 that requires 350-400W....

I found a SLI Ultra 2 550 for 99 bucks on TigerDirect, but how could I be sure it would fit.

Gateway puts us on hold x 40 plus minutes, and their web site sucks.

Thanks ahead of time for any input, or web site etc.
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  1. Gateway uses proprietary Power Supplies.
    Do not use a regular power supply.
    You can find some 350W-400W after-market Gateway compatible power supplies on the internet.
    You need your part number.
  2. All the large manufacturers (Dell, Gateway, HP, etc...) uses proprietary PSU's just so people like you have to go through them and buy their overpriced POS...

    Your pretty much SOL since most other aftermarket PSU's have a good chance of damaging your components...
  3. Check out your Gateway GT5026E support page it will eventually lead you to a component list which show you the gateway PSU part #'s

    102544 - Bestec 300 Watt Dual 12V Power Supply
    102839 - 300-Watt Power Supply
    105062 - 300 Watt Power Supply

    as well as the manufacturer part #'s "Bestec ATX-30012EB3" - time for google - find one that has the dimensions listed like this PS-DLHP-350-NAR from affordablesurplus it shows "Dimensions - 5.9"W (150mm) x 3.4"H (86mm) x 5.5"D (140mm)" which is close enough to the ATX standard of 6x3.5x5.5". Since the motherboard is a standard Intel 945g the pinouts should be to ATX standard as well.

    At this point I would be confident enough to say a standard ATX PSU should work without issue.
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