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good fellas,
I recently grabbed a pair of 36GB, and 1 18GB Fujitsu SCSI U160 15K HDDs, planning to get a Adaptec ASC-29160N, what i am not sure is how to set them badboys in RAID0 format, do i have to get another RAID controller? I am new to SCSI, can someone post a walkthrough? preferably from scratch... I like to put my system in the 18GB and run the pair of 36 in RAID0
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    Yes and no. That's a RAIDport card which adds RAID ability to the intergrated Adaptec SCSI(like AIC-7902W, a non-RAID U320) chip found on workstation/server motherboard.
    Just hunt on eBay for 21xxS(U160 RAID) or 22xxS (U320 RAID), should be dirt cheap now.

    I meant this card
    and one more question, i may get another 36g U160 HDD, anyway to run a 3 HDD RAID0? i heard only even number works...
    what's the max bandwidth for a 64bit pci-x SCSI card? Does it make sense to snatch a PCIE SCSI card?(like this badboy )
  2. Do you even have a PCI - X slot on your motherboard? if not why even look for them. Scsi 360 raid controler cards arent going to be cheap. Make sure to get a dual channel ;)
  3. Dude, he only needs single channel if he's using those 3 drives. They probably won't make it past like 120MB/s total.
  4. I assumed anyone getting scsi wouldnt be just sticking with a small setup but yeah your right assuming thats all he wants.
  5. Quote:
    That PERC3 you linked first will do(even tho it's a broken link).
    Just make sure it has notch for 5V slot(not just 3.3V only) if you intend to use it in a normal PCI 32bit 33Mhz slot.
    Don't worry about bandwidth, the only thing that'll limit those two 36GB in RAID0 is burst rate in meaningless synthetic benchmarks.

    Your setup will perform very well in a workstation/server environment, but it'll be no faster than a single 74GB/150GB Raptor under desktop usage.

    As for PCIe, that card you linked to will be more suitable in the modern evolving world and will give you practically unlimited space for expansion. Just a little overpriced. $110 is how cheap they get now.

    so a raptor RAID0 set up is not only cheaper but faster than this? I already have a raptorx
  6. What would the point of faster, raid dives be in games anyways? IMO if thats what your getting it for just get any top speed sata drive games dont use the hard drive much.
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