Cool n' Quiet for AMD K8's good or not?

I've gotta couple of questions for those of you who use AMD's cool n' quiet feature, Does it work? and if so What is your experience with it to date? If not, What problems have you encountered in using the feature? I've heard several people say beware of cool n' quiet, and thus I'm not using it. My system isn't loud, but with the fans running full bore all the time, it hums just enough to be anoying.

Look forward to the comments and help!!


My System:

AMD 64 X2 3800+ OC'ed to 2.2 Ghz, BFG 7900 GTX 512 mb OC'ed, ASUS A8N-SLi Deluxe, 2 Gb Kingston Value RAM CAS Latency 2.5-3-3-6, Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 4, Westen Digital 74 Gb Ratop ADFD, 2x Western Digital 250 Gb Caviar SE, 3x Thermaltake Hardcano 14 HDD coolers, Thermaltake Blue Orb II CPU cooler, Zalman VF-Cu 900 Blue LED VGA cooler, Thermaltake Extreme Spirit Northbridge cooler, and a PC Power & Cooling 510w PSU.
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  1. Hey Spartan, I had the cool n quiet feature turned on when i 1st built the system but later turned it off because it would not allow to access any of the Al Boost features.
    hope this helps
  2. Were you using the AI Overclock option in the BIOS or were you setting the BIOS to accept the AI Boost from the desktop? Tell me which, this will make a big difference as I am using the AI Overclock feature in the BIOS and I have it maxed (10%).
  3. from the desktop bro, how ya been?
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