When Spanish Tom's Hardware?

I have been reading this web for 3 months and i really like it, its perfect, the best i found in years, the english is not a problem for me but i have some friends that this language is a problem and they really like the world about computers and similars. It would be nice to see soon a Spanish TH; all the spanish community would be thankful. If is possible i would like to participae if the proyect any time forwards up :)
Thanks all.
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  1. *tries to think of how the Other would look in Spanish*

    *acute brain haemorrhage erupts*
  2. You need to post this in the Tom's Hardware Sites' Feedback section. This is not the right section to be asking for changes to the site, I'll let you off as I appreciate that English is not your first language.

    This bit of the forum is more like a bar where we let rip at each other and have a habit of insulting just about anything that posts here.
  3. This topic has been moved from the section Other-2 to section Bestofmedia's Site Feedback by RCPilot
  4. BigMac said:
    *tries to think of how the Other would look in Spanish*

    *acute brain haemorrhage erupts*

    Now you will say like Bush that Spain was a state from Africa and not a Country, ROFL.

    Apparently you didn't pass your basic studies; did you know that Spanish is the 3º language in the world? Lets remember school:
    1º Mongolian Chinese
    2º English
    3º Spanish

    Now less criticizes and help if you want to do.
    It's a good idea as i said.
  5. Queremos que el Tom's Hardware en Espanol.

    Tom's Hardware Chino comezo hace un ano.

    Necesitamos anunciantes, servidores, traductores, y el tiempo para rehacer en espanol.

    No ha sido la fecha prevista para ello.

    En primer lugar se fija, a los sitios existentes.

    [Section "Other" es solamente para lucha y los rudos .]
    We want a Tom's Hardare in Spanish.

    Tom's Hardware China is only one year old.

    We need advertisers, servers, translators and time for a Spanish version.

    No date has been set for this.

    Fixes to existing site come first.

    [The "Other" section is only for fighting and for the crude]

    - Benjamin "Don Chino Cabron" Tzeng Sengoku
  6. Espanol > Español :)

    Well i don´t say make the web asap, it's only an idea for future, ofc the main web first then the others, that obviosly. Time to time...i hope any day will come ;)
  7. other possible could be a Spaniard forum or a little section ^^
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