My First SFF Gaming Rig Advice plz?

Well i ordered this system. Its my first sff setup, and im new with c2d's also...well i oc'ed my friends e6400 but thats about all i know its very limited.
I hope i made a good choice on parts please dont flame me on the video card im waiting for two reasons. One being im not sure how much room the lianli has and two dx10 is coming out so no sense in getting a mid-flagship card.

Here is what i ordered today:
c2d e6300

Kingwin awc-1 (liquid cooling) I was thinking id run into problems with the SFF so i bought a budget liquid setup for oc'in reason being my friends zalman 120mm pure copper runs at 59+C(we quit cause we didnt wana go past 60c) when it runs 3.3-3.4ghz and believe me ive used that myself it must be putting out like 250-300w of heat to get the zalman that hot..

Asus P5B-VM Intel G965 Express Chipset
(seems like its the only board that overclocks somewhat good for SFF board)

OCZ S.O.E 2x512mb DDR2 900 5-5-5-12
(ocz... its ocz... It just fkin rules... Did i mention its Special Edition Camo?)

Acer AL1916EAbd 19" DVI 5ms LCD monitor (was looking for good brand no dead pixels, good response time, and above 1280x960)

Liteon dvd-rw (dvd drive what more is needed?)

LianLi PC-V300B (my first lianli it better be good ive always wanted a lianli)

Thermaltake TR2 500W (friend runs his e6400 at 3.2ghz so i know the psu can handle it not too worried about this pick)

200GB Seagate sata 1.5gb/s (just a seagate drive)

Asus 7600GS 512mb (yeah go ahead flame me... budget card with 512mb ram haha)
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  1. The 6400 is kinda the minimum when dealing with Intel...IMHO
    Unless your gonna run vista then i would not concern myself with
    Most of the modern ASUS boards prefer at least a 600W PSU..
    Overclocking is not necessary with the new dual-core processors..
    NVIDIA makes a better chipset for gaming than Intel, the 570 or 590 is a better choice..IMHO
    Why only 1Gig of RAM......?
  2. Well i was on a 900$ budget.

    I had the harddrive and video card so ya that wasnt part of the budget.

    But i still went over budget by little. It ended up being 973$ at newegg.

    So sure i want 2gb but i didnt have enough money and i wanted the computer to be portable and only way i can get that for lan partys is lcd monitor, sff.
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