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I will be leaving school in a matter of months. I live in a small town near the Florida state line. I'm majoring in the CIS/IT field. My passion is in Computer Repair and Troubleshooting. I'm always tinkering with my PCs at home. There is much need for Tech Support outside going to Atlanta or further away. I'm having a hard time finding what job title to look for. Am I just tech support, or computer repairman, or IT professional. I'm just confused so I thought I would ask the Tom's community for guidance. Many of you are in the field and could help an member to the ranks. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. From your description, I can't tell what you really can, or can't do.

    Also, most HR organizations are completely clueless about titles and skills.

    I would focus on two things: Can I do that job? Can I prove that I can do that job? There's probably at least a half dozen titles that you qualify for.

    Good luck in your search.
  2. Well, from what I did tonight. I think I am qualified(set up a network printer and shared a few drives to my moms PC). It's just went I'm looking for a job there are buttloads of job titles and it is confusing. I can do the job which my skills are best and that is troubleshooting, repair/upgrades.
  3. ICT Technician - solves technical problems from missing drives, to faulty drivers, to fixing screens, keyboards, gives technical support...broad range of things, does a bit of all the jobs listed below.

    tech support - sits near a phone reading off a script, giving "Support"

    Computer Repair man - more hardware based, will need to be able to put a computer together, may need to test components and install drivers.

    IT Professional - normally means someone with more network knowledge needs to know the inner workings of Windows server and active directory groups and policys, aswell as software deployment.

    but as people have already stated Organisations tend to not know what there talking about when it comes to IT, you may find that technical support also means helping to install drivers etc..

    atm i work as a ICT technician, but im also employed to create/design and develop websites, i know the basics of windows server 2003, active directory and groups... i can take computers to bits and put them back together with my eyes closed, ive repaired laptop screens, and i give technical support to 100+ people which involves talking them through procedures, and giving general help in office and any other programs, i test software before deployment, and in general do everything you can think of, the only thing i dont really do is set up batch files for software deployment, and i dont have access to set up different policys and groups on the 2003 server, although i can manage who is in what group.
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