Wow freesing durring play

Here is my problem and what i have done to fix it.

Durring fights this can happen as many as 1-5 times with a coupled wow freezing and then me having to kill the game. Everyone will start running in place and then after 2-7 seconds the game will catch up, the times that it freezes is when its catching up it seems like its to much for the game and then it freezes the game and i have to reopen WoW.

BEFORE ANYONE SAYS IT. Running a direct Cable, IE no powerlineing or Wireless is impossible so please dont suggest it, and note i have not had this problem for ever, just the past 2 months or so.

Here is my pc in a nutshell

3 gigs of ddr2 1066
3.0 GZ core 2 duo 45 nm
GTX 260

Here is what iv done to try and fix the problem

Deleted WTF folder
Installed and played on a Clean WoW folder
Played with updated drivers for everything and without updated drivers
Wiped HDD and reinstalled windows 7
Tested Memory and it was fine
Tried the game on 2 wireless cards at the same time connected
Tried with each one seperatelly
Tried Power Lining
Tried Power Lining straight from the modem
Test connection and it was at ussually 14 megs a second with around a 3 meg upload speed
Tried with VOIP programs off
Tried with addons off
Tried at Low settings
Tried with folder on main HDD or second HDD

With this the only real results i saw was power lining straight to my modem but even then i got some of the freeze spikes, but i didnt have to reopen WoW. The only problem with the powerlining is i got around 4 megs a second so i think that might have been it.

My Router is a Linksys wireless N and my wireless cards were a Linksys and a Netgear Wireless N cards and my Powerlining tool was Belkin. I have decent reception and get 14 megs on the wireless. The wireless cards are around 2 and 4 years old, the router is about 2 years old. Im thinking of replaceing both the wireless card and the router but want to get ideas before i commit money.
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  1. I find those symptoms common on wireless connections. SIUnce you don't want to run a cable, the only way to test this is to move the box temporarily to a wired location and see if it goes away.

    On just about any MMORPG site, there's a "If you have a Linksys Router" section on the support page.
  2. Even though i had them happen on powerlining?
  3. Also i doubt it is wireless thats is causing this, and its not that i DONT want to hardwire cus i would love to but its not an option.

    I recentlly changed out my router for a new one, iv had the Comcast people over here twice to make sure its not the ISP. What could be causing this? An addon for the game? My GPU? My wireless cards in the PC? Its only wow that locks up and nothing else, pandora runs fine when it locks up, mumble/skype/vent runs fine. Chrome runs fine. What is causing this?
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