Is this site loading slowly for anyone else now?

ever since this site was updated it takes forever to load a single page- sometimes it doesnt even load at all. and to be honest i dont even see the area where they have new articles and reviews etc.

anyone else not happy with what they did to the website? the forum is ok though, i just dislike how it loads so slowly
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  1. yea ever since they got bought out THG seems to have drifted from the more 'hardcore' pc enthusiast to dealing with mac's and ipods, and cell phones, and stuff that really isnt that interesting tbh...

    i came to this site for something no other site had. THG used to have tons and tons of articles on pc hardware. 1 per day. Now we see them once every 2 weeks roughly. sure the 500gaming machine is interesting but seriously that gets old after a while. Why not do something new
  2. after the update i find the site much harder to use and it takes a much longer time to load
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