What is the maximum decibel level on the intel stock Socket

What is the maximum decibel level on the intel stock Socket 775 heatsink & fan?

I want to compare numerically the decibel level of the stock intel Socket 775 heatsink & fan with other after-market heatsinks and fans. Currently, my fan sounds like a jet engine. What is the maximum decibel level so I can both see where it falls on a decibel level chart and campare it with others. I know that ~20 decibels is "quiet", but I want to see how much more quiet it is, or how much more loud the stock intel fan is. Thanks. :)
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  1. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

    Sigh. :(
  2. Depends on ambient air temperature and your fan module. Prescott fans <[power and noise] Smithfield fans, I have one of each.
  3. Decibel levels are over rated, and mis-rated. What I'd like to see is a 'white noise' level or a "DB@freq." level measurement. What's loud to you may not be obserable to my ears.

    to illustrate, I have a -10 DB deficit between 3khz to about 7khz, tailing off at 10khz. So fans in that range won't bother me much. Nor will I hear you mumbling on the elevator...

    But if a fan gets into the 15khz range, it gives me headaches!
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