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Hi, first time poster, long time viewer.

The question I have is more of a rant than a question but having a real answer to why might help settle my annoyance with the situation.

Having built several computers for friends, family and Customers my biggest sale is the Video Card for gaming. Show them a case with a side window and a cool looking video card that plays all the games on the highest settings and they are sold.

So with cool pictures and high tech looking fans on Video Cards and see through windows in cases with led lights to light up everything in it, why don't the Video Card makers put their nice shinny Fan with Graphic facing up for all onlookers to see?

It just doesn’t make sense to me to display the undercarriage with all of its soldering glory.
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  1. its probably down to the ATX specifications which control which sockets are where and how much space there is between them, there are good thermal reasons for a video card to be turned over too, but this would interfere with other components potentially.

    To move any of the slots would cause issues for every case current in existence, unless you called it a new spec. and lets face it BTX (which was a good idea) hasn't exactly taken off now has it..
  2. I don't think it would align the case :oops:

    Seems like this was asked 4 time in the last 2 weeks...But I think this design come from the Computer not being towers back in the day, so it was ok back then.

    Just get reversed Motherboard design, Lian-li has plenty of them and other manufacturer have some too!
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