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Question about VGA charts and UT.

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 3, 2006 5:05:10 PM

I play a game based on Unreal Tournament (America’s Army)
In the past I have based my video card purchases on their performances with UT.

The new VGA charts no longer include UT.

Which benchmark would be best now, when deciding which video card to buy, for playing a game based on UT?

In the past, it's always seemed to be ATI cards.


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November 3, 2006 5:20:36 PM

The UT engine is aging, so pretty much any new midrange videocard should be able to handle it pretty easily.

Basically, if you're thinking of upgrading look for reviews that include your current videocard and the one you're thinking of upgrading to... and extrapolate if it's worth it or not.
November 3, 2006 5:49:47 PM


Well, that would explain why it’s no longer one of the benchmarks.

So, I guess it doesn’t matter even if it’s based on UT2004?
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November 3, 2006 6:14:34 PM

What VGA do you have. And what is your Budget?
November 3, 2006 6:30:23 PM

Hopping on this thread since only one person offered advice, hope you don't mind.
I found a eVGA 128MB 6800 AGP for $80 on craiglist with cables and VGA adapter (may even be able to lower the price, i don't know). I wanted to ask you if it was a good deal considering this exists:
(OPEN BOX x800gto for $94.63 w/shipping)
I'm on a real tight budget here (college student in New England [gotta hate the living costs]). Would those $15 give me a really noticeable edge in performance, taking into account I have a Celeron clocked to 3.54GHz and a 1GB stick of RAM.
November 3, 2006 7:02:10 PM

I believe that the ATI x800GTO has is a more powerful card. And it should be worth the extra $15 but it is a DX9.B card while as the GF6800 is a DX9.c card which means it has Shader Model .3, But you really never need SM3.0 so go for the ATI x800GTO
November 3, 2006 7:08:25 PM

I agree with going for the X800GTO. IMO anything less than a 7600GT isn't worth buying just for sm3.0.
November 3, 2006 7:10:21 PM

and if i convinced the dude to sell it for 70, would that make more sense?
November 3, 2006 7:24:56 PM

sell what the GF6800 well... maybe because it would be a bargen but i still want to know... can you tell us the EXACT model of the video card with like the Specifications.
November 3, 2006 7:52:40 PM

X800 GTO still = better.
November 3, 2006 8:00:41 PM

The Unreal engine isn't aging. Games are already made with the newer Unreal Engine 3, which has tons of features and improvements. (unfortunately, for me..performance isnt one of those improvements)
November 3, 2006 8:08:38 PM

and if the 6800 went down to $60? keep in mind i have little funds.
a b U Graphics card
November 3, 2006 8:10:51 PM

The unreal 2 engine is aging nevertheless and the Unreal engine is tottaly worthless now.

The Unreal franchise is still doing very good and that U3 engine gonna ROCK!

I must say Unreal's based game are always among my favorite!
November 3, 2006 9:01:33 PM

Thanks for all the replies and it’s good to hear UT isn’t going away anytime soon.

I have no complaints with the video card I am using now, however I like to keep informed with my options. That’s why I asked the question.

I am currently using an ATI X800 XL. I paid a little over $200 for it, which at the time was a pretty good deal. When I got it, it was in the top half of the performance scale, not top of the line; I don’t think it ever was. I see it's in the bottom half now.

However, I refuse to pay $400 or more, for card that will be worthless for gaming in a few years.

my video card budget is around $200. For that, it looks like a X1900 GT or even good deal on a X1900 XT.

On different subject -

I am building my kids a PC each for Christmas. I pretty much decided to go with a Geforce 7600 GT. Plenty of room for upgrades in the future.
November 3, 2006 9:02:21 PM

Just FYI: I have a friend who plays UT2K4 on a Geforce FX5200 at 1024x768 with totally playable framerates. So, a 6800 or X8xx series card should absolutely rock for what you need it for.