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As it says im new to the forums. And i need help with my homebrew. I built this system out of a need to have my own computer and had to build it on a budget.

Heres the problem. I built the system MAINLY to play Battlefield 2. Which it does very well when I play single player mode. But if I try to play online then WHAM!!! Lag....... :( Normally youd think network but I cant tell if its network or Comp lag... :cry: Counter Strike and CS:Source play smooth both on and off line...

How can i optimize my comp so that Online it plays smooth.
Ive used older Nvidia drivers and used an overclocking tool and ive used the MOBO's OC tool as well. Ive pushed the CPU to 3.3 and didnt feel like pushing any more.
At this point all my drivers are up to date and neither the CPU or GPU are OCed

My fiance and I have Comcast HSI

OS - Win XP Home
MOBO - Asus P4S8X-MX With hyperthreading
CPU - Intel P4 3.0E 800FSB hperthreading
Video - PNY NVidia 6200 256mb
RAM - 2x 1GB DDR400 PNY (one is XMS400 :lol: other is just PNY DDR400)
LAN - Linksys LNE-100TX (and OB)
Router - Netgear WGT624 v3
Modem - Dunno

Why is this thing doing this to me!? Heat is NOT an issue, the side is open and i have a system fan that cools the PCI and AGP cards. Ive got btwn 24 and 28 processes and around 175000 avalible in physical memory. No spyware and no uncessisary programs in the back...
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  1. ok the only other card i have is my 5200. run with that or NO?
  2. as of right now the game is on the lowest settings for video. And is at 800x600
    The desktop is set to 1440x900 (19in LCD widescreen)

    It played smooth on my moms Dell desktop which had a 5200... Like i said though the game plays smooth on my system in single player but SUCKS when i get online...

    So thats it just a ****y vid card.....
  3. Take a look at this guide and make sure your network settings in game are correct. BTW what type and speed connection do you have?
  4. Comcast High Speed Internet Its like "6mbps" download and I dont remember the upload...
  5. 6600Gt can run BF2 online 64 player maps, but its overly fast, I would (like others) imagine that a 6200 would struggle.

    Your heat comment, having the side open may not make things cooler, as air flow will not happen so predictably.
  6. i understand the heat thing. if its not "piped" properly you may end up just making things hotter.
  7. V quick reply didn't expect that.

    the single player Bf2 maps are a LOT smaller than the online, can you try playing online on the 16 player maps, you may find these to be better? Or are you already doing that...
  8. i have noticed that when i was on larger maps but playing with fewer people then i didnt have the problem as much.
  9. everything else looks like it should eb able to cope, I was using a 6600GT (128) on an athlon XP3200+ with 2GB for a while and 64 players maps with 64 players were ok.

    I wuold say it should just be graphicas card, and the extra players (probably a high polygon count) are causing the problems.

    Is there the same issue if you lower the resolution and detail levels?
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