more trouble with 7950 gx2

i just upgraded my video cards from 2 7800 gtx's to a single 7950 gx2
the card works great for all my games except for call of jaurez. searching various websites it apears that the drivers for these cards are still pretty crappy. the problem i am having are major graphical errors just like as if the card is overheating. sometimes it locks the computer up and nothing but a hard reboot will do. if i am able too alt tab out, my temps on the card are under 70. all the 3d marks and n.f.s carbon and most wanted work fine. is this just a driver problem? i tried the 93.71 nvidia driver released yesterday hoping that would fix it but no. does anyone have a better driver they can recommend? thanks
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  1. Did you try uninstalling everything, then reinstalling? What about the 91.47 drivers?
  2. you mean the drivers right? yes i uninstalled them. i should also point out that the artifacting usually does not start until you play the game for about 2 minutes.
  3. Nvidias latest drivers did not solve my MSI video card problem.

    I used the latest drivers from MSI support site instead of nvidias.

    Problem solved.
  4. If your card manufacturer has its own drivers try those ones. That might solve it.

    Also, make sure your configuration is FOR SINGLE CARD. maybe some setting file has been saved and not deleted and might be causing problems.
  5. Why on earth did you make that "upgrade"? I'm dying to know... the benchmarks I've seen have a 7800 GTX SLI setup being pretty comparable to a 7950 GX2. Money must grow on trees for you.

    Looking to adopt a son?
  6. Well everybody makes their own decisions. Maybe those two cards were creating too much heat on the case or they were just taking too much power from the PSU.... who knows
  7. in the games that don't artifact, it kills the 7800 gtx's meaning i could game @1600x 1200 w/max detail on many games that i could not with the 7800 gtx's.
    synthetic benchmarks mean nothing. but i am sure you already knew that.
    it is not the temps as it is fine w/ other games as well as the power supply.
  8. It's not much of an upgrade to be honest.

    You're just getting two 7900GTs, which are better than 7800GTXs, but not worth going from one to another.

    And by benchmarks we mean look at games, not 3DMark, since games aren't "synthetic".

    Dual 7800GTXs kill a 7950GX2 in Oblivion at 1280x1024 and 1600x1200, no AA, 8x AF. You would of seen in the VGA Charts here.

    Have a look.

    They go head-to-head, but not worth the upgrade IMO. I'm not surprised you're not noticing a big performance increase.
  9. The 7800GTX and 7800GTX 512MB were two completely different cards; the normal 7800GTX had a stock core clockspeed of 430MHz while the 7800GTX 512MB had a stock core clockspeed of 550MHz, while also having 512MB of faster memory.
  10. the 2 7800 gtx's i had where clocked @ 450 core and 1200 mem they where not the higher clocked ones. if that where the case then i probably would not have done the swap. i did not think it would have to explain why i bought these cards as i was asking for any suggestions with why i am only having trouble with c.o.j but here is why i got this card. a friend of mine had bought it new and decided to sell it before the dx 10 cards some out so the value would not tank too bad. trust me i got a sweet deal on this card. i tried it out before hand and it is faster then the 7800 gtx's, runs on less power, and my chipest fan does not kick into high speed any more(i hate the noise). i then proceded to sell the 7800 gtx's for more then the price of the 7950 gx2.
    i had spent a lot of time reading the vga charts but remember that is from a while ago when the drivers where even more infantile then they are now.
    the single 7950 gx2 is faster then the 7800 gtx's that i had in the 5 or so games that i played. i dont mean a difference of 125 fps to 135, i mean 18 too 34 which is the difference between playable and not .
    btw i have not played oblivion and i doubt i would like it.
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