Will 8800 gtx fit in any case?!

I have a lian li pc-s80 case. its a nice size tower case. but it still doesn't look big enough to fit the 8800gtx. anyone know what size case this thing needs to fit in it?
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  1. I hear the card will be about 11 inches long.

    So you can measure exactly if you'll have room for it.

    Will it fit "any" case, probably not.
  2. As stated you need 11"

    Your case is 590mm deep, with approx 1/2 of it take byt front/HD, Id say you have 300mm of free space wich is: 300 / 25.4 = 11.8110236"

    Since the power connectore are on top of the card, it might just fit!

    So yeah you need ~310mm of space to make sur it fits!
  3. any news on the lengthof the r600?
  4. thanks. now i just need to get an adapter since my power supply only has 1 pci express connector. i doubt i'll get the 8800 though. i'll probably wait for r600, or hopeflly in 2-3 months when r600 comes out, 8800 will have fallen in price some.
  5. Quote:
    any news on the lengthof the r600?

    Don't know anything about it yet.
  6. no cuz 8800gt sux
  7. I heard it will fit in anything. I heard you can take apart a sony psp or an old gameboy and fit it in their. I also heard it runs off of the power of a hearing aid battery.

    OMG Im tired. I need to go to bed before I make anymore useless posts. :P
  8. Quote:
    This won't

    haha that was a good laugh :D
    Who know, maybe that could really be the future of computer gaming . . lol
    p.s where did you find that awesome picture? :lol:
  9. ~480 MM required for the 8800gtx reference design... The 8800gts is a bit shorter, more like 230 mm. Don't forget drive cables, etc. (It'll be touch and go in my case.... May have to go back to flat, airflow-blocking cables....)

    Note: that's the nvidia reference, manufacturers specs may vary.

    Note 2: That's a close guestimate based on an article (daily tech) showing the ati x1950 and the n8800gtx reference side to side. I tried to account for parallax, etc, but may be off a few mm's either way.

    Actual specs should be coming, I think by end of next week.
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