Finally Building to PCi-E.. Card Memory ?

Just wondering on this PCi-E card i was thinking about purchasing. it says 128 on board. supports up to 512. I didn't see where i can add modules to add more memory. am i missing something here?

CHAINTECH 128-SE73GS-G2 GeForce 7300GS Supporting 512MB(128MB on board) 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card

that's the card and it's only 49$

Just wondering alittle more info on this Memory thing.



also, how will this card perform compared to a ----- agp 6600GT ?
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  1. It means the card will use system RAM.

    I wouldn't get the 7300GT, it sucks, but if that's your budget, the 6600GT is better.
  2. Agreed.
  3. oh fuck that if it's better then the 6600GT im not gonna waste 50$ and have worse performance.

    What's a Pci-E card i can get, for maybe...80$ or so nVidia chipset. that is better then the 6600GT...

    CHAINTECH SE66LE-T6 GeForce 6600LE 256MB 128-bit DDR PCI Express x16

    Hows' this card.

  4. 6600LE is worse also.

    I know you only wanted nVidia, but this is better, at $86

    It's a good deal IMO, much better than the 6600GT too.
  5. Forget about what addt'l system memory a card supports, it's a 128MB card which is not sufficient for future gaming and limiting for present gaming (no high or max quality, which typically requires 256MB minimum on-card for best results).

    You can't spend less than $120 and get a gaming card that is a reasonable upgrade from 6600GT. There are some with a little better performance per same game, BUT to buy today looking ahead several months at other newer games you'd have a lower performance relative to the games than you did with the 6600GT in the past.

    You can get a card that supports some newer features for less but the overall performance with those features active/enabled will be little to no better than the 6600GT with what it does support.

    The best bang for the buck on budget ~ $100 cards is probably either a radeon X800GTO (unlocked to 12-16 pipes if yours allows it) or an nVidia 7600GTS which tends to be a GT level performance card when overclocked.

    If you are building a new PCI-Express system for gaming I suggest delaying until you have more $ to put towards the video card. Faster CPU and memory will do no practical good until the video card is at the next level, you might as well just reserve the old system for gaming in the interim.
  6. The ultimate best value you can get for under $90 is either a

    FUZION 7600gs
    3d fuzion 7600gs

    or a X800GTO

    trust me the extra $20-$30 bucks is worth it in the long run, and the cards are way more future proof than a 7300gt or a 6600gt.
    I you buy a 6600 today, by next summer you'll wanna shoot yourself for not buying a better card. lol
  7. Here's the thing... i had a ti 4200 and then went from a 6600GT..

    the 6600GT was more then good enough for what i needed.

    all i do as far as "GAMES" is counter strike. Maybe NHL 06 ... im not really big into newer games... Counter Strike is mainly the only thing i play.

    So I don't need a Serious card..

    i was just wondering something compareable to what i had on AGP... because i don't wanna go lower.

    i just reconfigured my options and now have alot more money to spend on a card..

    im going with a 3700+ which is only 89$ with hsf... and Asus A8n 5x - 74$

    my limit is around 450-500... so im gonna spend maybe 130$ on a card.. and buy a sata HD maybe.

    but my $$ limit is around 1-130 for a card.

    thanks for all the posts guys.

  8. I'm thinking more along the lines of this bad boy
  9. Yup, looks pretty good.
  10. Quote:
    It means the card will use system RAM.

    I wouldn't get the 7300GT, it sucks, but if that's your budget, the 6600GT is better.


    first of the guy asked about a 7300GS , which of course is worse than 6600GT

    but If you're stating the that 7300GT is actualy worse than 660GT ur completely wrong .

    even the slow DDR2 7300GT is faster than the 6600GT , and the GDDR3 7300GT is FASTER than almost of all the cards posted and faster than the 660gt and the 7600gs by 20% at least !

    in SLI mode the 7300GT 256GDDR3 IS FASTER than a single 7900GT .. !

    my recommendation , check my post on the same page , I am asking about the CHAINTECH 7300GT 256 GDDR3 WITH ZALMAN COOLING 560GPU speed / 1400 memory

    and it should cost arround $80 or something
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