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Mouse and keyboard not working PROPERLY

I have got his bizarre problem, my mouse and keyboard just stopped working properly. The mouse pointer moves but right click does not work and if I left click on a folder the the properties pan of the folder opens up. Sometimes the left click does work, but the menu which opens up stays for a fraction of a second and disappears.

But this is just half of the problem, the enter key toggles full screen mode for an application. I think something corrupted the key bindings and the mouse drivers. Is there any way to fix the problem.

ps: tried system restore, tried it in safe mode, tried safe mode with command prompt, nothing works. The keyboard works fine in the bios though
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    Have you tried swapping the Keyboard and the Mouse? If the problem is still there, then it's software. Otherwise it's hardware.

    Sounds to me like a software problem, but it may save you some trouble if it works after swapping.
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  3. swapped the mouse, now it works. :) weird problem.
  4. i have got the same problem but with one addition.when the left clicks starts to open the oproperties,my keyboard stops working. i have formatted my drive with new copy of win xp.but the problem still exists.swapped,still the problem me guys.
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