Help Plz

I just got my sapphire Ati Radeon X1900Gt and i am not able to find ati overdrive. I have check everywhere but could not find it.

I have CCC 6.9

Does anyone know how to make it appear?
Thanks in advance
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  1. Is it the revision 2 GT?
  2. I dont know.

    The memory speed is 657Mhz
    The core is 513 Mhz
    In 2D mode
  3. Yea, that's a revision 2 GT. I really dont know why overdrive isnt enabled for it, but even if it was, I would recommend ATi Tray Tools(<--click) to overclock with. I dont use Overdrive although it is enabled with my GT.
  4. Thanks for the tip.

    I just have 1 more question how can i find out the temp of the gpu?
  5. The program I linked you to has all that. It can give you a temp guage down in you disk tray by your clock.
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