Overclocking e6600 w/ asus p5b-e HELP!

Hey I would really appreciate any suggestions and help on this problem
The CPU temp is 85C and the board is at 40C w/ 2 instances of primes in torture test but w/o overclocking.

I tried following the OC guide as closely as possible and it actually somehow reduced the speed of the processor (to like 1600 even though i set the multiplier to 9)

Also the ram is corsair DDR2 800 mhz 4-4-4-12 yet the timings set by the bios are 5-6-6-15

The pc specs are:
Asus p5b-E (w/ newest bios update)
seagate 320 gig sata
2x1GB Corsair XMS ddr2 800 4-4-4-12
Stock heatsink w/o thermal tape scraped and arctic silver applied
aluminum case with plenty of airflow (3x 120mm fans strategically placed)
Geforce 7600GT
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  1. The temps stated are with stock settings. The ram bought was 4-4-4-12 latency corsair ddr800 however the bios clocks it differently (5-6-6-15) by spd. Another boo boo is the stock heatsink is being used however we scraped off the tape and used artic silver. It was cleaned very well however.

    To check clock settings we are using the AI tuning software asus provides which shows when the cpu is not overclocked that it runs a x6 multiplier at idle and a x9 at load.

    When we overclocked we followed the c2d overclock guide here and I set the ram to 333 (667 effective) and the core to 333 (1333 effective). I couldnt find some of the specified settings and even though i told the multiplier to be x9 in the bios it appeared as x6 when we booted up. The bios was updated to the newest bios available for the p5b-e board. Thanks for your help
  2. Download CoreTemp and verify your temps under load. If they are still ~85 degrees and you are indeed running at stock settings, then I would definitely say you need to get back in there and re-apply the arctic silver and re-seat the HSF. Those temps would be crazy for a stock setup at load, especially since you say you have 3 120mm case fans running as well.

    Are your ambient room temps really high or something like that?
  3. Reapply the AS and reseat the HSF, use CoreTemp and TAT to measure temps (they shouldnt differ for more than a degree).
    Use CPU-Z to check on multiplier and speed during load and idle.
    Change the timings in the BIOS to 5-5-5-15.
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