Comp runs videos like crap, bad HD? Bad Processor?

My computer has been running videos terrible lately. For example I downloaded a video for crysis and tried to run it. Its hd 1280X1024 or something and it runs terrible. It also uses 100% of my cpu. It basically play the audio in the background then, plays like 3-4 frames and stops for 10 seconds, skip plays a few frames, then stops again.

Is this a cpu problem or a HD problem? Or maybe a video card problem.


Athlon XP 1.4ghz
768mb Ram
80 Eide Hard Drive
Radeon 9600se 128mb
hard drive was just formatted 3 times acctually

Thanks for the help.

P.S. Will a sata raptor run better than an ide drive off of a pci sata controller? (no sata on mb)
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  1. yer vid card is the culprit. 100% cpu says yer decoding in software.
  2. K Ill toss in another video card and see if that does the trick. Thanks.
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