Will she post? c2d, ASrock 775Dual-VSTA?


my PSU is a Generic brand.. and I dont think they have a website with product details etc..

I did however find the same one on ebay.. heres the picture with some power info showing..

400w slilent

Will she handle:
1x CDRW ide
1x DVD ROM ide
1 80gig 8meg cache, 7200rpm HDD
C2D e6600
775Dual-VSTA (ASrock Mobo)
2xddr400 512meg dims
2extra 100mm fans.. one has LEDS

Circumstance One:
with AGP fx5500 256meg?

and Circumstance Two:
With 7900gs 256meg..

Circumstance Three:
With 7900gs and 2x 1 gig ddr800 (bios update allows for ddr2 800 on this mobo as far as im aware)

And will it make a difference later on with a better quality mobo when I can afford one.. and have the new ram and vga.. (7900gs and ddr2)

could I grab your opinion on what you think for all three circumstances?

thanx guys!
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  1. Would this be fine then? read a review.. they liked it..
    Ultra X-Finity 500 Watt PSU

    this has its power info


    it appears to be your budget high market psu..

    If you know a better budget PSU.. could you suggest one?
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