New look is even more abysmal

Three years ago or so when THG changed to the "newer look" I stopped reading it daily because it was so bloody hard to find the new news items (never worked well with Opera except for a few days when they apparently fixed it or it broke down by itself).
This new new look at least looks somewhat better but the scrolling news probably drives a lot of people bananas. I know it supposedly saves space but the timing is way off not to mention how much I hate blinking and scrolling content.

And speaking of content. 10 years ago the articles were interesting. The previous change made most articles utterly boring with half of it almost blogging material. Today I'm happy to find something owrth reading once in two weeks.

So from now on, THG goes out from my daily read into the weekly reads. With a very close relationship to "oblivion".

Just had to ramble as this once so great site has deterioted into mass market(ing).

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  1. we complain in the hope that THG will recognise its mistake and change the design to something better, we also hope that the site will return to its previous status, as it stands atm THG is just a shadow of its former self.
  2. why do we now have thumbs up and thumbs down like youtube.... wtf

    this is a hardware site not some video ranking site. everyones opinion should be heard
  3. But the issue is your "voice" can be drowned out now by a few people rating you down.

    Its really an alternative to having site moderation but there is no "fair play" involved ... no second chance ... just the views of those who don't like you.

    Why have moderators then??

    If this is the way the site is going then its going downhill.
  4. There needs to be more chocolate in the world ??
  5. I can no longer recommend Toms Hardware to anybody in good conscience. It looks terrible, bloated, over-commercialized... it's pathetic. Now I haven't been around long enough to remember the "old" old look, but I was quite happy with the layout for the past few years. All of sudden, I click my favorite bookmark to read some honest reviews of the latest video cards, and BOOM it's like I died and went to web-design hell.

    First of all, the site used to work beautifully in Firefox WITH Adblock AND NoScript. Now I can't even page thru an article without unblocking 2 or 3 ad-images and allowing half-a-dozen scripts. It's just pathetic.

    Second, the charts were one of the best features about it, and they've gone to hell. I can't even get everything I want to see into the space of a 19" 1280x1024 screen. And again, allowing all those unnecessary scripts... it's just pathetic. Oh, look, I repeated myself! Gee, I wonder why?

    BestOfMedia ought to be ashamed of their design team.
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