ASrock Dual VSTA.. c2d.. posting?


Im wondering if she will post with a certain PSU.. and certain parts..

more info their..
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  1. in my knowledge, as long as the psu has a minimum of total 30A on its +12v(s), your system will be fine running c2d with high end graphic card (exclude sli/crossfire).

    i'm using thermaltake tr 550w with a total 29A on its dual rail +12v. it is able to boot my e6600, 775dual-vsta, and x1900xt. so no worries!

    the latest BIOS P2.1 rev. A, makes my c2d runs even better! :twisted:
  2. Odd it made mine run at 2.3Ghz not 2.4Ghz, default FSB became 256Mhz.
  3. private message me your email address so i can send you the revision A from ASRock Technical Support Department.

    There's an issue with the P2.10 BIOS version, then after I emailed them regarding the incorrect fsb setting, they sent me the revision one. Afterward it runs even better! :)
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