Will a Zalman CNPS9500 Fit on ASUS P5B Deluxe?

It doesn’t list if on their website. If it doesn’t, does anyone see why going with the 955X chipset on the ASUS P5WD2 would be much of a difference? Outside of what I listed below they looked the same, but I’m not as experienced as a lot of you.

Storage Interface/Ports:
Deluxe SATA (3 Gbps)/6, External SATA (eSATA)
955X SATA (3 Gbps)/4 PATA/1

Storage Technology:
Deluxe Intel® Matrix Storage Technology2 (NCQ, RAID 0, 1, 5, 10)
955X Intel® Matrix Storage Technology with ICH7R

Memory Controller Hub:
Deluxe 82P965
955X 82955X MCH

Supported Intel I/O Controller
Deluxe ICH8 (NH82801HB), ICH8R (NH82801HR), ICH8DH (NH82801HH)
955X Intel® ICH7 Family:, ICH7, ICH7R

I saw many positive comments on this forum using the P5B Deluxe or P5B-E but my head hurts so much and I don’t want to look for another cpu fan… although if someone helpful thinks it better to go with the Deluxe and another cooler, I’d consider that too.

Thanks for any helpful advice. It’s been a long time since building a computer (pre-XP) and I’ve had to get up to speed.

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  1. This list is taken from wusy's C2D overclocking guide, they are all good cooling options, and as far as I know, they should all fit a P5B Deulxe (however, some depend on case size as well, like the Tuniq Tower):

    Recommended cooling:
    -Scythe Infinity
    -Scythe Ninja Plus
    -Scythe Mine
    -Tuniq Tower 120
    -Thermalright Ultra-120 or SI-128 or SI-120
    -Noctua NH-U12
    -Thermaltake Big Typhoon
    -Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
    -Zalman CNPS CNPS9500AT
    -Zalman CNPS 7700AlCu or 7700Cu
    (The first 7 heatsinks listed here will allow you to clock beyond 3.4Ghz stable)

    -taken from wusy's C2D overclocking guide (http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/Core2Duo-Overclocking-Guide-v1-ftopict197995.html)

    I use the Zalman CNPS9500 right now also, my temps are ~44 idle / ~59 load (Orthos) at 1.425 vCore and 385 FSB.

    If you aren't planning on overclocking you really don't need to change from the stock heat sink....
  2. Get the Thermalright Ultra-120, a hellovalot better than the CNPS9500 when it comes to cooling.
  3. Are the Scythe Series and Tuniq Tower 120 better than the TT Ultra-120?

    Just wondering...
  4. I don't know but one thing for sure the Ultra-120 is better than my Big Typhoon based on the reviews I have read and comparing the test temperature results. So if this cooler is better than the Big Typhoon then it must be really good. I'll see if I could pull up some reviews.
  5. Got it. Review on the Thermalright Ultra-120.


    The noise is a bit high but using Silverstones' FM121 120mm fan should lower the noise and increase airflow and cooling.
  6. Now that the Zalman 9700 has been released do you think that could handle 3.4+?
  7. Here's the CNPS9700 review.


    As far as I have read it's a bit bigger and a bit better cooling than it's little brother CNPS9500. I do believe the Ultra 120 is still better than the 9700 and to mention the price-to-performance ratio.
  8. Yep, it will. I just built a new computer using the P5B Deluxe Wi/Fi in a mid tower Antec P150 case with a Zalman CNPS9500. I emailed Zalman and asked them about compatibility. They responded that there would be no problem and there wasn't any.
  9. Thanks everyone for the info and advice.

    I decided to start @ stock settings with the stock heat sink. Then in a month or two I'm planning on going to ~3.1 and make my decision on a heat sink. Even now I wonder how long my plan will last... probably a week before I buy a heat sink. :twisted:

    After reading some reviews of the Ultra120 (like on overclockersonline.com) I think it would work well with the CM Stacker STC-T01 case I'll be using. It's hard to argue with the numbers on frostytech... I really don't think for what I'll be doing that the heat sink will be as critical as it is for some of you. But, heck, the prices I found for both heat sinks are within $1 of each other so it makes sense to go with the 120...

    My initial setup (everything that I don't already have is ordered) will be: Core 2 Duo E6400, ASUS P5B Deluxe, 2GB Corsair DDR2 XMS2-6400Pro, Radeon X1950 PRO, Cooler Master RS-550-ACLY PSU, 150GB WD Raptor (OS), 250GB WD Caviar SE16 (Data), SB X-Fi Platinum into Logitech's Z-5500 all wrapped in the STC-T01. Plus the opticals and stuff. Oh and my first computer without a floppy!

    Overall I think it will be a good system for me. Thanks again for everyone's help. I'm excited.

    Thanks again,
  10. The weekend isn't over and I already made some changes... :)

    I looked at what I'll be doing with OC plans and just went with a Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro. Maybe not the best, but it'll do the job well for the money.

    Also, I'll be returning the ATI X1950Pro and went with an eVGA 7900GS KO 256MB Fan HDCP (P/N: 256-P2-N625-AR) for $110 less. I figured the performance wasn't worth it and I made the mistake of buying an ATI version of the X1950Pro which is going for $299...

    Wish me luck!
  11. Quote:
    I looked at what I'll be doing with OC plans and just went with a Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro.

    That's a good choice. Just make sure that when you mount it, all those pins are pushed firmly down into place on the mobo. It's best to set them diagonally, instead of around in a circle, you'll be assured they are locked in and have the best contact possible that way.

    Good luck, come back and let us know how it all goes once you get it built.
  12. Thank you, I really appreciate your messages.

    Everything arrived yesterday with the exception of the case and CPU cooler which arrive today. I'll update when I get it running.
  13. Well, this update is not a great one. I made a rookie mistake of taking the time to connect EVERYTHING and get the cables and such exactly the way I wanted it. Power up... black screen. :cry: All fans are working, Mobo ASUS light changes from blue to red on power, etc. So I strip everything off the mobo except the EVGA card, RAM, the connector to the power button, plus I found and used a PS2 mouse but I had to use a USB keyboard, same result. Next I tried the Clear RTC RAM battery/jumper reset thing, same result. Tried some other stuff, same result. Call ASUS this morning and the tech asked me to remove the RAM and power up again. This time it started beeping (1 long, 2 short), which he said I didn't have compatible RAM. I said I have Corsair CM2X1024-6400Pro RAM that's listed in the manual and he gave me a number to call on Mon for an RMA.

    I'm bummed, but this stuff happens. I have boxes and crap everywhere! I told my fiancee I'd have the place cleaned by Sun... Wish me luck.

    Oh, quick question. Since I'll have to remove the heat sink and CPU, do I need to clean the paste of the CPU and reapply new stuff when reinstalling?
  14. I'm using this thread like a diary :D

    I decided to avoid waiting for ASUS to turn-around the mobo and called NewEgg. They gave me a RMA for a replacement and I am hoping that the next mobo will work. I'll overnight it to them, hope for a replacement sent out within two days and have it back by Fri...

    After reading some other threads I started to think it IS the RAM. But it should go into the BIOS without the RAM installed (right?), so I'm pretty sure it's the mobo.
  15. Well new mobo works... But one of the Corsairs were bad, so I'm only using the good one right now. Then the Raptor would not show up in the BIOS no matter what I tried! WTH! Is this why NewEgg's prices are so low!? Anyway, I'm getting replacements for those. I decided to install the OS on the 250GB drive that I wanted to use as a data disk just to make sure everything else works...

    This being my first time trying to OC, it has not gone well yet. I think I'm missing something with the DDR2 timings... I followed the Core2Duo Overclocking Guide v1.1 but I haven't been able to POST with the settings I've used.

    I've kept the RAM @ 1.9V and 800MHz with the Corsair listed 5-5-5-12 values set in the BIOS but reading the OC Guide "e.g. DDR2-667 4-4-4-12 1.9V operating at ~400Mhz will need to be set to 5-5-5-15 2.2V" I guess I need to change the values. I need to read about it more, because I don't get it.
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