i navigate and keep gettin logged out of forum! HELP!!!

uh, i log in, try to check what i have posted in, logged out. logged back in, clicked over to cpu section, logged out. logged back in to post in here, while i got the post page to come up, logged back out again! what is going on?
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  1. There are three things that can cause this:

    1. Not allowing cookies. Login is based on cookies.

    2. Switching between the US, UK and German version of tom's hardware can also log you out, under certain conditions.

    3. Quickly switching between multiple accounts on the same machine, using different browsers sometimes causes the cookies to freak out.

    I would try deleting your cookies
  2. did delete cookies, never visited any other site other than us version, only have one account. i think it is working now, but not totally sure what the deal was...could have been due to server stuff, maybe maint or something to make me lose conn. who knows, seems to be working. thanks!
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