Losing my mind. Video card issue? Mobo issue? Don't know.

Hi, here are my system specs:

Asus M2V-TVM motherboard
Athlon 64 3500+
450 watt power supply
ATI Radeon x850 XT Pci-e
Windows 2000 SP4

Well I installed the x850, and it dies when I do anything really graphics intensive. It will heat up to around 65c as well, so i ordered an arctic cooler and some arctic silver and set it up, which improved the temps a bit, but it still dies. I sometimes get the vpu recover from ati and I don't have to restart, but sometimes i have to restart. It's driving me crazy, I've been trying to find more info on it for a couple weeks now.

I'm pretty sure my psu is good, but don't have any way to test if it's enough without buying another one, which I don't want to do. I've tried using some of the asus probing tools that will supposedly tell me if I have a psu problem, but none of them work for my motherboard. I have no idea what to do, I think it might be worth it to chuck the whole system in the street just to feel better. I've heard there are issues with via chipsets and ati, and I tried changing agp to 4x and disabling fast write with ati tools. I appreciate any help you guys have.

Thank you,
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  1. Looks like it has 15a. This is what it says on the power supply (which they stuck the sticker upside down.... :x

    Rhycom - SGT
    Input 115v 6a 60hz
    230v-3.5a 50hz

    Red +5v = 35A
    Yellow +12v = 15A
    Orange +3.3v = 26A
    White -5v = .5A
    Blue -12v = .8A
    Purple +5VSD = 3.0A
    Gray P.G.
    Black GND
  2. Wow, I hope this fixes it. I've been so frustrated with this. How many amps would I want on the +12v? I tried that extreme calculator but it only says the wattage I would need, which is 234w.

    Thank you for your help!

  3. or it may be a faulty x850, so b4 rushing to buy a new psu (and spend money) try your gfx to a friends pc?
  4. I don't know anyone with a pci-express slot, so I can't test it, but by the sound of things I'll rush out and get a new psu. How do I find out how much wattage all of that takes?

    Mind giving me some advice if i give you some specifics about my system?

    I have 1gb of ram, a dvd burner, 7200 rpm 160gb ide hard drive, 2 usb devices, no pci cards but there is built in sound, video, and lan, though video isn't used.

    Thanks again for the help!
  5. I second the PSU issue, but I'd also that 65C is nothing for most video cards, most from that era will idle near there and peak significantly higher (unless the 850 is different), don't worry about temps.
  6. Sounds like your PSU just can't do it. Your PSU is only rated for 180W on the 12V rail, and your entire system draw under load will be around 200W. It would probably idle around 120. That is assuming 75% efficiency on the part of your PSU, and also that your PSU is actually putting out the wattage it says it can. From the way it sounds, the PSU probably came with a case, or you bought the least expensive one you could find. If it were my decision, I would pick up a Fortron PSU. They make very solid units, and make alot of rebranded ones for other companies. PC Power and Cooling being one of them. Sorry for your luck though. Also, if you choose not to go with Fortron, other good brands are Seasonic, Antec, Sparkle(made by FSP(Fortron))......

  7. I picked up an Antec Earthwatts 430w psu. It has two 12v rails, each at 17a, and combined it says 30a. Is this ok? I'm not really sure how two rails works. I told the guy what I had and he said this was plenty.
  8. This is a great PSU for its price: http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16817104954

    It has tons of amps on all of the rails.
  9. That PSU is fine..... did it work?
  10. Set it up and immediately had a crash, but I am thinking that was unrelated. I left my virus scanners and firewall on, maybe that was it. Afterwards I played world of warcraft for a few hours with no problems. Hope it's fixed, I'll get some more gaming in at high video settings and post how it goes. Thanks for your guys' help.

  11. Yup, it's still crashing. Video just freezes, can still talk on teamspeak for a short bit. I'm testing with world of warcraft by the way.

    I think I'll go get a new video card tommarow. I curse ATI's name, I've wasted so much money.
  12. verdewd:

    I don't have the fast write option anywhere in my bios, actually by bios doesn't seem to have a lot of options at all. I am using ati tray tools, and I do not know a whole lot of what I am doing with some of it. My card is seated correctly. From how it sounds in other posts my psu wasn't enough.

    If it's a setting, that's great. I did a clean install of windows 2000 about 2 weeks ago when I installed this card, so I don't think there are any issues there.

    I wasn't really whining about ati, I was kinda joking, but now that I think about it, if it isn't a defective card and they expect all of their users to install and understand ati tray tools, play with their bios settings, and spend a couple weeks troubleshooting I think ati cards suck.

    I've read on a lot of other forums that via chipsets and ait cards have a lot of problems together, I'm thinking maybe that's the problem?
  13. Sorry I got a little defensive there, I'm pretty frustrated at this and it kinda sounded like you were raggin on me there. I'm a bit new to some of this stuff. But I appreciate all the help you guys have given me.
  14. I had huge problems w/ Via chipset/ATI X800GT and FastWrite.

    Are you SURE there are no options for it in your bios? Are you sure you're looking in the right place? Is there an "advanced" mode or something for your BIOS?
  15. Hyper Transport AGP is the closest thing I can find, I was hoping for more options when I updated the bios but nothing new. The video setting is pci-e, I think the built in graphics adapter is agp, which I don't use.

  16. I checked the bios again, and it really doesn't have hardly any options, compared to other systems I've had. It doesn't have anything to load optimal values, or anything of that sort, just default values. There is really hardly anything there.

    This is making me insane! :twisted:
  17. Solved the problem. Bought an nVidia 7900gs. Runs great.

    Thanks for all the help you guys gave, this forum rocks.

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