Help with removing strange video card retention device

I have a Sony VAIO desktop (VGC-RA842G). It came stock with an Nvidia 6600 PCI-E card. I want to upgrade to a 7600GT. Problem: the current card has what appears to be a plastic block above it (that big black thing in the photo below). The top edge of the card seems to fit very snugly into a slot in the bottom of the plastic block, while one side of the plastic block seems to be attached to the side of the power supply, possibly with adhesive.

(the silver in the top half of the photo is the PSU)

Anybody know what this block is? I'm not a PC hardware guru. Is this a known standard part with a name, or some Sony proprietary thing?
Is it safe to remove it? Because if I can't remove it, I can't see any way to remove the current card.
What's the best way to remove it, as it seems to be adhered to the side of the power supply? Some kind of adhesive remover?

It looks to be all plastic so I'm guessing it has no thermal function, but is intended to ensure the video card stays in the slot (or maybe just to make it hard to upgrade....)
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  1. Thanks, mpilchfamily. I'm not sure if removing the screw (from the bracket, I assume) will be sufficient. I've added a photo to my original post, above. There appears to be zero clearance between the top of the card and that plastic block, so I can't see how I'm going to get the old card out (or the new card in) without doing something about the block.

    The power supply capacity is another issue. The card says is requires a 400 W power supply, +12 V rated at 18 A. My power supply is only 365 W, but it says +12V-1 is 12 A and +12V-2 is 12 A and +12V-SP is 1.2 A. So it seems the power supply can do 24 A on +12v. So I don't know whether this card (eVGA 7600 GT CO) will work or not. I'm going to have to solve this block problem to upgrade to ANY card, though.
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