THG clan?

anyone interested in a THG clan? naturally THG would have to pay for the server but i think it would be a great way to promote the website and i would be fine doing it because iv been a loyal follower for a long long time even though i dont like some of the changes that have been made...

anyways i thought the following games were possibilities:

Call of duty 4
unreal tournament
battlefield 2 (sort of a dead and dying game)
Crysis (dont really like this game)
diablo 2 lord of destruction
dawn of war
company of heroes

out of those i can only really see call of duty 4 going forward
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  1. wow no one even responded hahah.... perhaps i should have put a more ***!*!*!*!**'1337 title? lol
  2. haha what realm do you play? i have a west ladder account but normally i only play west non ladder
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