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I would like to get a conroe 6300 or 6400 and overclock it to 3 ghtz.I would prefer 2 gigs of ram and I would prefer to go with crossfire but if nividas new card comes out and ati has nothing to compete i will go with nvidias new video card. So at this point im asking should i go with the asus p5w or another mobo perhaps the msi board that beat the p5w at anandtech for a crossfire and overcloking solution. also,if nvidas new video card comes out what would be the best sli mobo to go with?

Thank You
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  1. The 8800GTX and GTS will be out in 4 days time, the 8th of November.

    ATi will have nothing to compete for at least 2 months when they release R600. Nobody knows if R600 or G80 will be the better card.

    If you want to go SLi with the 8800GTX, then get an nForce 680i based motherboard, these are released on the 8th of November, the same day as the 8800GTX.
  2. try FOXCONN 975X7AB-8EKRS2H:

    look at the Digital VRM it has. by using the latest BIOS, the board will kill all! :twisted:

    the reviews:
  3. that's very very good info, thanks for the date update on the release.
    I have been waiting for this.
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