SCORE! Look what I just sniped!!


The heater core from a '05 chrysler crossfire! This is going to make a gooood rad. :D :D :D :D :D :D
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  1. cool mount ya up a couple 120mm fans on it and go to town :D
  2. That's one good radiator for a pc watercooling I tell ya. But you need to have a push-pull fan setup on that high-density cooling fins. I've been actually looking for a nice core heater rad for my water cooling rad in the first place. But didn't have a luck finding a good one that fits inside my case so I got a pc rad instead. But anyways, with that rad you should be able to cool down cpu, northbridge and two graphics cards with no problem. As long as you have a good pump and fan setup.
  3. your too cool...
  4. Looks like you need to get a fin comb to straighten things out on the radiator, but with a couple fans attached, that should cool everything you have and more.
  5. Yeah they're a little messed up, I think the crossfire was in a collision. Nothing very serious though.

    I'm going to use 4 12cm fans , two push two pull.

  6. Should keep the water cool dude, wusy has a good idea there, you could even use a fan like I have,, with a custom side panel. Transmission coolent rad is the best has .5 coupling
  7. What pump are you going to use with that?
  8. mcp655, well actually the danger den version cause it's cheaper.
  9. That would be the DD12V-D5, right?
  10. correct
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