NCIX any good?

HI all:)

I'm traveling tomorrow to Vancouver Canada and I want to buy there a 4850 and 2 PSU. When I searcehd on the net for stores NCIX seemed like they have nice prices. Does anybody have any dealings with them? Is it a good store? Are there any other stores in the area that you can recommend??

Thank you for your help,

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  1. oh I forgot to ask also is it worth checking out the big chains (london drugs, future shop) or are they thieves?
  2. I've dealt alot with NCIX over the past 4 or 5 years and never had anything but a pleasant experience. I've also bought some items out of there ebay liquidation outlet. NCIX is great.

    As for Futureshop - its basically canada's version of best buy. in fact, best buy owns Futureshop. Unless you find something on sale or open box, their prices are typically ridiculous compared to ncix, tigerdirect, mwave etc.

    I would never buy anything off there shelves, unless I could not get it elsewhere.

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