Toms comes up looking like some messed up mobile site what's wrong?

On several of our computers at work, Toms site does not seem to be displayed correct. It's mostly text and the layout is just spread all over the pages. It looks like a word doc convert to all text. Is there some setting we need to change to get the formatting back?
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  1. Looks like this.

    What gives?
  2. I've tried clearing the cache. On my home PC's it looks fine but at work were having the problem. I wonder if it has to do with our firewall and possible where graphics are coming from. Maybe some of the content is being blocked?
  3. It is fine on my new Blackberry 8320 ...
  4. Without a phone ... u don't exist.

    My work calendar, contacts ... everything is on it.

    Plus the google maps come in handy.

    The media player for movies is a bit crappy tho ... doesn't like a lot of formats.

    Hmmm ... wonder if I can overclock it ??

  5. So if it's a proxy issue how do I find out the information I need to pass to my IT people to correct it?
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