Raid Performance 1.5Gb/s -vs- 3Gb/s

I have a question for you raid gurus.

Currently I'm using 2 74GB (1.5Gb/s) Raptors on Raid 0.

Does 2 80GB (3Gb/s) Caviar SE on Raid 0 faster? Like in game loading and boot up?
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  1. The Raptor array will in addition to having better I/O more than likely also have better seek times as well.
  2. I'm seeing the raptor reading in various reviews being apparently limited to approx 130-140Mb/s so I'd imagine that was caused by the 150 limit, and I'm seeing other drives going past the 150 limit, notably 7900.10's and westerns KS's.

    So I'd imagine that you are being limited on a single drive in terms of throughput.

    But I think that the seek times of the raptors would show as being quicker, but having 2x150 would cover the bandwidth shortfall and with most file sizes tending to be small rather than large I'd imagine that you would not notice saturation of the bandwidth anyway.

    You'll notice a lot of 'imagines' and 'thinks' I'm just logicing my way through this given the readings I have seen, as I don't have a raptor and so can't do the comparative tests that are really needed. This probably hasn't helped much I know, but It may have structured your own thinking.
  3. Quote:
    Is that even a question?
    That's pretty shocking of you to ask that you know...

    Sorry, all I know is my 2x74Gb Raptor raid 0. :oops: Well i guess my raid still rocks, for now.
  4. Well I guess I'm still good with my raid then. :mrgreen: Thanks.

    I really enjoy being the first one to spawn on BF2 and captures a flag before everyone spawns. :D
  5. Here's my 4x80gig hitachi's for a reference.

    Around 180-190mb/sec read but a 12ms seek. BF2 load times are definetly nice.
  6. This is mine using the HDTach with the Long bench.

    Storage: 2 74Gb Raptor on Raid 0 124K stripping.
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