CPU cooling...will my mobo snap???

Hi all

I was looking at buying an aftermarket cpu cooler for an AMD X2 4800. Some of them are huge, and i was wondering how much weight the mobo can handle before it cracks. Is there a limit???

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  1. I don't know if there's a specific limit on the motherboards regarding the coolers weight. I'm sure the after market cooler and not that heavy that it could bend or crack a motherboard holding it's weight. Which coolers are you looking at?
  2. Just a general thought.

    I think the main reason to watch the HSF weight were during the times when the core was bare.

    Now that most new CPUs have the IHS on them, it really shouldn't that much of a concern, except perhaps it being able to fit on a MB/Case. It would take quite a good amount of force to really break a MB.

    But I guess there could be a chance of a crack in the copper traces, depending on the bend that occurs in installing a HSF with some pressure.
  3. Well with the big cpu cooler, if the pc is drop at desk height, then that would break the motherboard's socket area. Scary stuff if you use your pc for LAN gaming.

    Hey, my Gateway BTX has the brick-size cpu heatsink mounted directly to the case.
  4. nah, circuit board is really strong. take a piece of circuit board and try to break it (not your mobo!)

    you would be surprised.

    people wouldnt be using coolers that crack mobos.

    just avoid dropping your pc and all is good
  5. Thanx guys.

    I don't tend to move my pc often so all is good. Bigger is better right :wink: !
    I was looking at some big-ass active coolers from thermal take...but which ones would you reccomend??? (i'm not too keen on water cooling)

    Thnx again
  6. You dont really need a big ass expensive cooler. I have a TT big typhoon and it's a great cooler but it's expensive. I also mounted Arctic Cooler64 on my video card so imagine the load on the mobo. Well the AC64 is sitting on the bottom of the case.
    I would get AC64 or the new Coolermaster Hyper TX. They are efficient and inexpensive.
    You wont get anything by lovering your cpu temp another 3-5C.
    Only if you oc really hard with some big voltage increase then I would suggest the fattest the heatsink the better.
  7. If you want them massive high performance cpu HSF coolers then check out Themalright Ultra-120, Scythe Ninja and Infinity and Thermaltake Big Typhoon are among the best air coolers money can buy. Just make sure you use a good thermal paste like Artic Silver 5.

    Check FrostyTech.com for reviews of different coolers and comparable results.
  8. I wondered the same thing about a week ago. I ordered the Scythe Ninja. I was afraid that it would be heavy, but to be honest, it's a lot lighter than I thought! It also works great and is extremely quiet! But prepare to pay the price. I was going to get the Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro or whatever, but after being reassured of not having to worry about the mobo snapping, I just snagged something that was bigger, but not that heavy. I also like it because it doesn't require the back plate... at least not the Rev B. However, you might have to remove the motherboard to get it to sit in. The cracks in the corners are there to allow you to use a long flat head screw driver to lock them in. Make note though, you actually turn them the opposite way that the arrow says! *shrugs* perhaps I got some bad pins, but everything works great! Overclocked and my CPU never gets past 55C. That's with a 25% overclock on a E6600 without any voltage changes and in a P180B case. Heatsinks that you think might strain your mobo, come with back mounting plates.

    NOTE: DO NOT USE TAPE IF YOU PLAN ON REMOVING IT LATER! IT'S A PAIN!!! =X I had to do that earlier this week :(

    My $.02
  9. And for this, I wish I was a cyborg. :P :oops:

    Does anyone remember the exact number to the weight for motherboards? Isn't it like 450g? The Scythe Ninja Rev B is like 770g and the mounting unit was similar to Intel's stock heatsink/fan mount. Somewhat concerned. But an IT guy at work told me that PCB boards can flex pretty well O.O This can not be good for the long run! x.x
  10. If the motherboard is installed properly with the correct standoffs etc, you shouldn't have too much problem with the MB flexing too much.
  11. the heatsink will put pressure on the CPU

    the max weight of a heatsink depends on the processor
    but i can't find it on the AMD site.

    look it up!
  12. Quote:
    Hey, my Gateway BTX has the brick-size cpu heatsink mounted directly to the case.

    As do Dell.

    Actually that made me wonder if I should do the same to ATX if I ever go back to using a heatsink again that is.

    So what do you use to cool your CPU?
  13. d'oh,
    double post
  14. It's not the weight, but rather the force used in mounting the heatsink that could damage the MOBO traces. Follow the installation instructions carefully and you don't need to worry about damage.
  15. There is a max weight "supported" by motherboards. But pretty much every higher end air cooler goes well over, I think whoever said 450g is about right. When I first read the OP, I was thinking 400g. Either way, 800g+ has been proven to be fine if you don't plan on dropping your PC a lot. If you move it around, just keep it on it's side and you will be dandy.
  16. Yea, you know how much people like to throw their computers around when they don't work right :P

    As for me, thank God for paper! You can crunch it up and throw it and not worry about breaking anything. Then when you need some paper, just uncrumble the paper ball and viola! Reusable! :P

    Ok, yea.. back to work!
  17. a heat sink isn't going to damage the cpu due to pressure.

    did you try snapping a piece of circuit board yet? its hard.

    just don't drop your pc!

    they way i think of it is that if i drop mine, all hope is lost anyways.

    with the scythe mounting setup the traces aren't touched!
  18. If ya'll really want to be certain, just get some string and tie up your cooler to a supporting beam in your case to help offset the load. Might look fairly tacky, but peace of mind is probably worth it. Or you could just tie the string everytime you prepare to move it.

    Thats what the Titan Amanda offers (992g if I rmr correctly) 2 supporting strings that your supposed to tie somewhere in your case to help offset the load...
  19. They make lovley little rolls of velcro that are just perfect for this kind of "Case Mod" :)
  20. I would never dream of dropping my case and I'm fairly reassured that the motherboard won't snap. Have you ever seen an ATI X1900XT/XTX with stock cooling? Literally, that thing has to be at least 1 kg!!!
  21. I think I'll be ok. If I have to move it, I'll just go to the store and get some bubble wrap and wrap my case and then carry it so that the mobo is parallel to the earth :wink:

    Other note: Apparently, the Zalman 7000Cu is a little more heavier than the Scythe Ninja and I've been lugging that computer around for who knows how long and the mobo has yet to snap! :tongue:
  22. I got my Thermalright Ultra-120 a couple of months ago, and was worried about it being too heavy. I looked at the pics online, and they gave me the impression of being really big.

    Naaaaahhhhhhh. Pics were deceiving. The metal is actually very light, and hardly puts stress on the mobo. I wouldnt bang the PC or shove it into my car on a bumpy road, but for day to day, its great!

    Mine was only $50, incl. shipping. I cant see why one shouldnt overclock. Pay and extra $50, and get a $900 chip. Cant go wrong. Go with the E6400 is anyone is looking to buy a new one.

    Good luck.
  23. That's right - those ATI cards are heavier than heatsinks. Geeeeez, I wonder about the newer DX10 cards.
  24. How is it that you're still get 70C on load?! I overclocked to 3.0 GHz, just to keep the 1:1 ratio with my RAM and on full load, I don't go past 55C, I think. Might be lower. But I know it's no higher than that!
  25. I've had a dud chip from the beginning (dont you remember all my other posts). Temps are just too high, no matter what I do. I know the Thermalright Ultra 120 is a MACHINE, because at stock with stock HSF, my temps on TAT were 55C. I mean, thats just rediculous. Anyway, cant get into that again. I have high temps, I'll live with it. Plan to upgrade to Kentsfield in 2 years, so hopefully the chip will last about that long. I should be able to get 3.6ghz out of this rig without a prob. Just wish I had a lucky chip.
  26. Don't mean to hijack the thread, this is for Fishboi

    Up the MCH to 1.65V if it doesn't make you too uncomfortable and the CPU voltage to 1.5875V and 1.3 vFSB. Saw someone else do it in another thread and got to 3.6GHz. Btw, you should e-mail Intel and ask them to replace your chip!
  27. I've managed to boot at 3.6Ghz (maxed out MCH, FSB voltages etc), and set my v-core to 1.5v. Seemed ok. Ran TAT at 100% load on both cores, and temps hit 75 before I hit the reset button. Didnt like that idea too much.

    About your advice on RMA'ing the chip - I'd love to do that, but one isnt allow to overclock without voiding the warranty, and stock idle temps at 55C are ok to them right? Please advise.
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