How do I get support for 5 year old HP OS?

Hello to all,

Thought you should know that HP has refused to supply either a rescue disk or a Window XP Media Center Edition (2005 version) for my 2003 HP media center 873n computer. So there is no misunderstanding, I had a rescue disk, which did not work and had made set up disks for the A drive which also did not work and went into the bios to insure that they loaded correctly and they did. Also, the Media Center disk was examined by a friend who is a techie and he agreed that this disk is defective although I had used it back in 2005 to load the OS into the computer. We did an XP set up together to ensure that the disk was the problem and it was.

All of this occurred after the password for XP became corrupted and I was forced to attempt to reformat the hard drive and reinstall XP Media Center. I explained to two sets of HP techs and a sales associate and supervisor that this was the fourth computer in 10 years that I had purchased from the venerable company and that I was considering buying another in the near future, but apparently they do not want or need my business. The last recommended that I call Microsoft and the Mr. Softy rep wondered why I was on the line as it was up to HP to support their own build OS. All HP personnel parrotted the same line, after five years they consider HP computers obsolete and do not support any OS anymore. Some outfit that HP. Doubt I will buy anything HP anymore.

Does anyone have any idea how I might get HP support for my wife's computer?

Thanks. :(
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  1. format/reinstall...

    have you tried ebay? or searching google for media only since you already have the COA - which is the most important part.

    try finding a friend w\ an msdn copy... or download one.

    I have access to msdn and am in a similar situation albeit i'm in no rush to rebuild the system i have w a 2005 media center license.

    I really hope none of them told you to go spent $200+ on a new OS when you have a license for media center.... that would be poor customer service.
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