I have just bought this viewsonic and it is as good as some of you have said; really nice.
After setting it up I had a thought: what would happen if a fly landed on the screen and my cat took a swipe at it with his claws out? I put a piece of cardboard over the screen and went to Home Depot(canada) and bought a piece of clear acrylic plastic. I fastened it using black velcro. The velcro should extend down the back of the monitor a ways so that when you flip over the plastic there is a fair amount of velcro left sticking together.("flip" is the wrong word; carefully turn over would be better). The plastic has reflections so while it is ok to leave it in front of the screen if you are only checking to see if there is mail, it is much better to"flip" it to read this forum.
I have it mounted on a "radial arm" from IBM Canada. This unit is made by (USA). It allows me to place the screen below the level of the desk which makes it MUCH easier to see with my bifocal glasses.
And the lcd screen is a "no pain" system compared to my previous crt.
I am very thankful for all the comments that members of this forum made about this monitor.
BTW I bought it from PCNation. Apart from a slight problem because I live in Canada but was having the monitor shipped to my in-laws in Detroit, and that after I had ordered the monitor I realized that I would need a long dvi cord, which delayed shipping for a couple of days, their service was good, courteous, and friendly.
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  1. I would declaw the cat if the catty stay indoor:)

    Glad you like the lcd! how much did you have to pay for it?
  2. I would give away the cat or ban it from the room. Same with my 17 inch Samsung, if pple touch the screen for the ripple effect i GET PISSED!!!
  3. Haha, my freind came over to see my TFT7020, and I told him a billion times don't even get ur hands close to teh screen. We were downloading something, and he was getting freaked cause of how fast my dsl was going, so bam he sticks his finger on the monitor. I yell at him, and by mistake he drags it across teh monitor. Lol.

    Sig of the week.
  4. Excuse me, but anyone has try the VG191 with a Geforce4 video card with DVI? How does it perform with games? Thanks in advance.
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