Second Take: Under The Radar 2008

Ben and Rob list a few of the titles upcoming in 2008 that may have been overlooked by the gamer community.

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What are other games being overlooked right now?

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  1. Just wanted to say that Left 4 Dead reminds me of an older set of games called Hunter, and Hunter: Reckoning. Believe it was a PS2 title, third person shooter based around multi-player co-op. Seemed quite similar from what was mentioned in the vid anyway. Zombies, magic powers, big ass guns... the typical co-op shoot the monster and run style game.

    Will have to see more on the game, but so far doesn't seem like a Valve style title (don't mean that in a bad way, just quite off from what they normally seem to focus on. Which isn't a bad thing btw). Be interesting to see how it is.
  2. I love how 90% of the time I click on your review/disscussion videos they never load properly. They'll load 10sec into the (contracted?) MS commercial and stop...and of course I click play like an idiot which takes me directly to the MS website...nice way to bump up your hits and charge MS more while screwing the little guy who just want to watch a video.
  3. Check out Tom Clancy's Endwar RTS.. you can play the game using voice commands, and it looks good too.

    I bought the novel 2 weeks ago (it was pretty good, invasion of Canada lol), and it was the first time i've heard about the game (ps3/xbox/PC). Not sure if it's that known..

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