IS it worth trying to crossifre 1950xtx

I havent found a mobo that will support my cpue6600 and run 2x pci-e16x lanes
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  1. i dont now this dx10 card your talking about but im getting the card for cheap so i want to jump on it but i cant find a mobo that has 2pci-e16x slots and my monitor is 24" supports 1900x res
  2. i guess you replying to my post? if your getting a great deal on them then i guess its worth it. heres a good board (well the best board on the market in my opinion.) that supports crossfire, the asus P5W DH deluxe

    oh and the dx10 card i was talking about was the nvidia 8800.
  3. ASUS P5W that is a good mobo but runing 1950xtx at pci-e8x and pci-e8x doesnt that hurt the perfomance? would it be like running one card at
  4. not exacly sure how the whole x8 thing works but it should hardly affect performance at all.
  5. Well i Have right now the Gigabyte ga-965p-DQ6 I havent used it yet but its look one rock solid mobo. The question is it has 2 pci-e slots one at 16x and the other at 4x will that hurt my proformace if i try to crossfire it?
  6. Wait a few days for the 8800GTX; so far it appears to be faster than two X1950XTXs in Crossfire.
  7. 8800 i think will be faster but the ati will always rule in qulaity also im getting the 1950xtx for 450 can. i dont think the g80 will ne less than 750us. i can wait for the r600 to come pwn them once again
  8. There is no way that X1950 could surpass 8800 in image quality .. we're talking about a new DX10 archeticture here and a very solid one too ..

    I really suggest waiting for that DX10 to come .. or if you really like ATI that much then wait for their R600 ... otherwise you would be wasting a lot of money on a hardware that is going to be dated any time soon .

    more games are beginning to support DX10 .. like Flight X Simulator .. Crysis .. UT2007 .. Age of Canon ..STALKER.. and they really show an impressive use of DX10 effects and physics .

    not to mention that valve is planning to integrate DX10 in their upcoming Half Life EP2 .. as you see .. it will be really stupid to buy a high cost DX9 GPU when we already at DX10 arrival .. especially with those very hot games .

    I hope you got it !!!
  9. Quote:
    ASUS P5W that is a good mobo but runing 1950xtx at pci-e8x and pci-e8x doesnt that hurt the perfomance? would it be like running one card at

    no performance hit from pci-e x8 or pci-e x16.
    not yet anyway.
  10. Quote:
    8800 i think will be faster but the ati will always rule in qulaity also im getting the 1950xtx for 450 can. i dont think the g80 will ne less than 750us. i can wait for the r600 to come pwn them once again
    From what I've heard, the Geforce 8800GTX now has better HDR+AA support than the X1900 series and also has non angle dependent anisotropic filtering. Unless you need to save your money, go for the 8800GTX.
  11. Holy shit did not see that coming That changes everything i just started my new rig I have so fAR
    e6600 cpu
    600watt ocz psu
    4Gig of xms2 8500 1066Mhz ram sticks

    If I was going to crossfire what mobo should i get
    If I CAn sli what the shit i already have What Mobo should i get The money is not really and issue the quality of my gameing is.
  12. I found some nice mobo P5W64 ws Pro,P5wg2 ws Pro,P5B Deluxe WiFi-AP
    which would work better
  13. the first ones a server board and unless you need the 4 pci x16 slots a waste of money, the second one is a a server board as well and not worth it, i would go with the P5B.
  14. no i find out that the p65 chipset dont support hdr is this ture? in crossfire mode
  15. i havent heard anything to that affect but i may be wrong, if you could provide a link to the page where you heard that, it would be much appreciated.
  16. Quote:
    stop speaking rubbish. no one is sure that the 8800 is even a dx10 arch nor if it will be able to run them well. only until vista comes out will we know that. also where do you get the solid arch from anyway. nothing i have seen suggests that. stop confusing the guy.

    what ? .. who is speaking rubbish now ? .. G80 will not support DX10 arch ? give me a break ..ah I guess it will support DX8.1 right ?

    here is a link of a guy ALREADY purchased 8800GTX :

    here is another shot from the posterior of 8800GTX box ... guess what ? it says : DX10 and Shader Model 4 support !

    and about the SOLID arch thing .. then what do you call those specs..?

    I am sorry .. but you're the one who is deliberately trying to confuse the guy !
  17. Here the link u ask forCLICK HERE

    It was very informative about this whole issuse, but im still not sure what mobo to keep both mobo can cf but 975x is faster buy 10% in some ways should i stick wit gigabyte 6 Quad. Im leaning more to the asus becuase i have always had their product, it only one fatality on the p4c800 killed the bois. but it seems that on the asus mobo i can set set my mem to the 1066 mhz which i already have the ram for.
  18. get a 8800GTX or a 8800GTS.the 8800GTX will win hands down over the CROSSFIRE x1950 setup.
  19. Im sorry but i have to agree 8800 maybe faster maybe dx10 for me really who cares the cost of the card will be way to high plus there will be no support for that damm thing till vista comes out maybe that why ati has not realsed theres yet. and im pretty sure they will pwn nvida again maybe LOL ATI-AMD 8O
  20. Quote:
    oh dear, you have no clue do you. since dx10 is not out how can you say it is a dx10 card? the answer is you can't.

    also there are practically no in depth reviews nor any clue as to what the specs really mean in games either now or in the future. do you believe stuff even when you have been told nothing?

    if you had a brain you would not have made yourself look so stupid with that post. wait till the dust settles and everything is a tad clearer.

    :roll: where do these people crawl out from :roll:
    I haven't once seen a site saying that the Geforce 8800GTX didn't support Direct X10; stop posting garbage like this when you don't even take the time to read anything.
  21. I was sort of in the same situation recently, my problem was I spent so much time researching and looking at reviews and forum info that by the time I purchased my 1950 xtx and it arrived at my door I see people posting screenshots of their new 8800 LOL

    honestly I don't think it's such a big deal the 1950 xtx is a pretty powerful beast and theirs always something better coming out and shelling out 450 for it isn't such a bad deal.. You wont have the most powerful card on the planet but do you REALLY need it? Though to answer your original question I wouldn't try to crossfire the 1950 xtx.. Would I reccomend buying 1 card still yes..
  22. Quote:
    fine then, show me something that says it will or anything to back up what he wrote. IMO still garbage. i find people always get carried away with new products(Ageia) without any reason why and like newtons third law dictates, there has to be an equal but opposite reaction to everything.

    alright heres something that hameedo already posted

    i would say that its pretty damn hard to fake text a printed box, and that guy would have to be a master photoshoper to fake the pic.
  23. hEY GUYS I WENt to the dark side i got the 8800gtx i couldnt resist it the damm thing was calling me i had to fork out exta 350 for it $800 can. I hope it was worh it now i have to change mobo next year when the 680 comes so i can sli this bitch my god 450 watt for 1 card and it friggn hugh like the old voodoo card back in 95 LOL
  24. we have lost you, your soul is now out of our charge and we can offer no help here, maybe one day you will relize your error and come back the the side of truth but intil then, it it goodbye, i shall shed a tear for you. :cry: goodbye my son...
  25. As to the first post for 2 X16 PCIe I thought only the ati 3200 express chipset supports it at this time. :roll:
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