OCing 7900GTO

Hey guys built the system in my sig about 5 weeks ago.. just some quick temps to post..

Idle.. cpu sits about 25c-29c Vid cards ar GPU1 about 45 GPU2 about 40 all celcius...

So it would seem that I have fairly stable cooling in my system so I would like to start OCing these cards... however..

I have been building comps for years.. funny thing is I have never OCed anything... ever.. So my question is.. OCing these cards an easy thing to do like switch something in the bios or is it something that I will have to screw around with for weeks?
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  1. Google for 'coolbits' HTH
  2. Coolbits or rivatuner.
    Find the option for core and memory speed and increase it until you get crashes/artifacts.
    It will require you taking 5-10 minutes to find the software and tweak around with it ...
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