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I have my FSB at 370 and my cpu is at 3.33 ghz. I ran prime 95 and there was an error on core 1, core 0 was fine. Should I lower my FSB or increase voltage? Which voltage should I increase if the latter. My vcore and vcore voltage are both at 1.4v, mch 1.55, and ICH is (I think) 1.05. My DRAM voltage is 2.1.

My temps are idling at 47 and 58-59 with prime95.
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  1. i would say add a wee bit of voltage(cpu).....if that dont work...maybe back off abit....thats still a good OC

    EDIT...did you check speed fan and cpu-z?

    do you get 1.4 when setting 1.4...

    i stock i get 1.288(and it plays a bit) and can not get 3 @ that....well not prime stable...errors only on large tfts after 40 min or so....just a tiny bump fixes it....but i hate the loss of speed step....
  2. Speedfan has a vcore of 1.38.

    I tried a FSB of 400 and a vcore of 1.4625 to get 3.6ghz and both cores had errors with prime95 and idle temps of 58-59. I'll stick to 370.
  3. I would increase vcore by 1 notch.
  4. YOu will needto back off your overclock a little bit until you get a better cooling solution. Right now the overclock is limited by the heat instead of the actual chip, but that's not a bad overclock I must say.
  5. My FSB is now 356 and I'm at 3.2ghz. My vcore is 1.425 and prime95 is running with no errors (yet). Speedfan has my voltage fluctuating from 1.38-1.41. The challenge is my temps. 48 idle and 60-62 with prime95. Temps maxed at 64!!

    I can lower the vcore to the setting between 1.4 and 1.425 and see what that does to my temps, or increase my fsb back to 360 and get 3.24 ghz.

    What would be better...drop vcore and lower my temps a degree or 2, or get an extra 400 mghz? That is assuming my system stays stable with another change.
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