Help me build a new system please

My Current System

AMD 64 bit 3400 939
1 gig of kingston memory (value)
bfg 6600gt apg
Xfi xtream music

I want to build a new system just the box only, for around $600-800

I prefer AMD and Nvidia

My current system plays all games right now fine, but i can tell the system is about at it limits from playing bf2,aao,wwii online and would like something faster.

Please help

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  1. well i built my system for £800.00 with a 19" LCD take a look at my sig.

    i'd keep that sound card and dump everything else if i were you

    get yourself a good AM2 mobo (think of your upgrade path) and wait for the DX10 cards to come out, you should be able to pick up a great dx9 card for much less (they are already dropping rapidly in price) take a look at the 7950GT

    oh and take a look at the 3500+ its a great little chip for next to nothing, overclocks well (got mine to 2.6 ghz on stock yesterday). games that you play dont use a dual core and games probably wont for a while, and if you do need an X2 you can always pop one in later
  2. I prefer AMD too, but C2D's are leading the CPU chart big time ... I read lots of reviews, and decided to go with C2D E6300, and had not regret a single moment since I owned it ...
  3. i know nothing of amd but you need a geforce 7600 gs for graphics on max on bf2 that is all i can recommend since i dont like amd and know nothing of it.
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