3.5" drive won't read or show up on list

I recently built my first computer using an ASUS P5W DH motherboard, an Intel E6600 CPU and an BFG Nvidia 7900GTX OC video card. I've got 2 gig of DDR2-800 memory and a Seagate 300 GB SATA2 HD. I've also got two, older PATA Maxtor 200 GB hard drives. I've also got two DVD burners in it.

When I first built it, I didn't install any floppy drive, but now, after a couple of months, I wanted to install a couple of old, DOS programs that I occasionally use. So, I took the 3.5" floppy out of my old computer and installed.

Everything seemed to go fine, and Windows XP Pro says it found the new hardware and installed it. In device manger, the floppy disk controller and drive both show up and it says they're both working.

However, when I put a disk into the drive...., nothing! It won't read it and the light doesn't blink on. It doesn't show up on the list of drives in 'My Computer'.

I thought it was bad, but to test it, I went into the setup program and made the floppy the first boot device. When I turn on the computer with a bootable disk in it, it reads it and boots from that. Then it's also able to read the contents of the drive.

Other than that, the computer doesn't seem to know it's there. It won't read from or write to it, or list it except when I boot from it.

The only boot disk I have is an old one that boots to Windows 95, so I'm not able to switch to the C: drive from that.

Any way..., a long question, but does anyone have any ideas of how to make the computer see this drive?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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  1. Every time I've run into a Floppy problem and it wan't the disk, I've had to re-install the drive, sometimes more than once. I'd suggest disconnecting the Floppy, start the computer, turn it off, and install the Floppy.
  2. Done that a couple of times. Windows says it finds the new hardware and that it's ready to use...., but it still doesn't show up in My Computer and still doesn't respond when I insert a disk.
  3. Given you can boot from a floppy the only other suggestions I would have are to look at t he BIOS settings fror all your dirves and search microsoft web site, e.g., I found this but I'm sure there is more. Does the drive show up in Disk Management under the Administrtive tools?

  4. I found that article also, but I don't get any response from the drive at all. When I put in a disk, it doesn't turn on or anything.

    Only when I boot from it does it work.
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