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This is the closest forum topic I could come up with to post my problem. Please forgive me if I'm off and move it to where it is more suited if necessary.

I booted my computer this morning and got the following three error codes...


I have done nothing to alter my system (well, I recently got a streaming media box that accesses my SMB shares but that's all but nothing to the system itself.) I've looked up the errors but can't seem to make any sense of what exactly the problem is with my system. I've read possibilities ranging from my main hard drive dying to the motherboard starting to crap out to a loose cable. There are no loose cables and my hard drive appears to be fine.

I turned off the computer for 2 hours and turned it on again and it started back up again, but I have to know what happened. I work from my computer.

If anyone can direct some knowledge my way, I'd appreciate it. Or even a link to something that might help.

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  1. Boot to the command prompt and run CHKDSK. This will check your disk for bad sectors and repair them
  2. And if it doesn't? Is the HDD dead?
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